How many are looking for a new beginning?

Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twenty One


...Pretty soon Meems fell asleep again. Jooja got up showered, got dressed and left a note for her before walking out. She knew that she will not wake up for at least another few hours which gave her enough time to do what she had in mind.


6 Months Later

Meems: 7abeeby wainak?? Ana fil Qurum ga3da an6uruk.
????: Im here baby - just looking for a parking space.
Meems: No dont park - just pick me up Im done and were meeting my parents for lunch
????: Zain gilteely - yallah Im by the door - there I can see you

Meems gets into the car after throwing all the shopping in the back seat.

????: 3umry whats all this?? Were going to London ya3ny shopping ildinya wil deen 3indik.
Meems: Eee adry lakin its just some necessecities plus mostly its clothes for you cos you dont have anything here in Muscat.

They drove in silence. She had a smile on her face as she felt her fiance slip his hand into hers. They just looked at each other then he looked back to concentrate on the road. The silence was interrupted when the car phone suddenly rang.

Meems shreiked excitedly: Answer it answer it, its Jooja. "Hiiiii Jooja", they both said in unison

Jooja: Well hello there lovebirds - I miss you
Meems: I miss you too ya 7mara - where are you? When are you coming? Did you forget your organising my bridal shower??
Jooja: Yes yes your bridal shower will be the day before the wedding which is still 3 weeks away. I will arrive 2 days before the bridal shower
Meems: Jooja i dont want a big wedding :( My mom is going all out and I hate it. Were meeting her for lunch now
Jooja: yeah yeah ok stop crying - i have to go now - talk to you tomorrow

????: 7abeebty your mom wants to be happy for you
Meems: 5ala9 its too late anyways - wa9alna for lunch I just hope she doesnt fight with me again about wedding details.

They valeted the car at the front entrance and walked into the lobby of the Chedi. This place never failed to take her breath away everytime she walked in. He was staying at the Chedi until the wedding so he suggested to goes to the room to freshen up and drop off the shopping while he goes to meet her parents. It will not look good if they both went to the room. He passed her the key and gave her the room number and walked off. She waited at the lobby while a buggy came to pick her up and drop her off at the room.