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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Five

Ok I think I have been too nice to you people - posting 5 parts in one week. So Part 6 is ready but will not be posted until I reach a count of 25 comments on this post. So get cracking people whoever wants the next part. Criticism is welcome


He suddenly backed off with a shocked look on his face "Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you but I saw you were bothered with everyone bumping into you so I thought I would create a shield."

She never thought it was possible for her to blush but she was sure she was turning all colors of the rainbow. She was kicking herself internally for being super confident to think that he was leaning in to kiss her. This guy she met a few minutes ago and in front of T and everyone. How could she even think that he would be that brave or gutsy to make such a move in front of everyone in the middle of a club? All these thoughts were going through her head while she held her hand to her mouth and just watched him laugh.

"Maybe you wanted it?? I would be happy to oblige."

"Shit shit shit" she whispered into her hand - she realized if she was just a little bit more serious and offended then he wouldn't be taking it so lightly. She kicked herself internally some more. T came to the rescue and ushered everyone out so that we beat the mad rush of 3 am. The group was walking in twos and threes and eventually all gathered near the aquarium. She always found it so mesmerizing and was peeking up at the top of the tank.

"Looking for Sami the Shark??" he said

She jolted for a second before smiling. "Im always looking for Sami - hes gorgeous" She had a passion for sharks.

"Thank you I will take that as the greatest of compliments"


Suddenly he burst out laughing at her confused expression. He stuck his hand out and said, "Shall we start from scratch?? Hi, my name is Sami. Im from Saudi"

"Meems. Oman" she just with a blush. She was blushing too much today for her liking.


"Meeeeemmmeeeeeee goomi - yallah lets go to za sweeming pooool"

"Jooja leave me alone - I just wanna have my coffee in peace in front of the TV"

"TV aish ya binti - you have enough TV in 3oooman. La tinsi mistar s3oodi byistanaky 3ala il sweeming pooool."

It just all came back to her. For some reason every time she spoke in front of him, she would put a foot in it. The last thing she remembered was saying that she is always looking for gorgeous Sami. How could she have a conversation with someone for an hour without bothering to check whether she knew his name or not? She dug her face into the pillow to drown out Jooja's giggles. She finally got up to get ready knowing that no guy who's been clubbing the night before will be up before 2 pm which meant they had a good few hours of girly quality time.

An hour later the girls were ba6ba6ing in the "sweeming pooool" with other friends. She liked when she heard her phone ring. She got out to answer it when she realized that the caller was insisting on letting it ring. Additionally she wasn't appreciating the dirty looks that she was getting from the holidaying Europeans that were looking for peace and quiet. She flicks her hands out to get rid of the excess water as she walks over to the sun lounger. She noticed it was a Omani number she doesn't know so she picked up.


"Hey Meems, you guys at the pool yet?" it was a voice she didn't recognize but it sounded like a guy whose been coughing for a while.

"Who is this?" she asked in which she got a little laughter and finally the answer she never expected. "How did you get my number??"

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Four

"Jooja please non of ur french bullshit - what are u trying to tell me?"

"Ya binti i am t'3ying to tell uuu zat ze boy talking to T has . . . what zey call it . . . ze hotties fo'3 uu?? zay a'3 looking at us"

"Joooooooooj r u serious?? u mean ili jay ma3a shilat Nobu?? The European looking one??"

"Oui oui ya 7umara tifhameesh?? " suddenly Jooja had a changed look on her face and said "honestly i '3eally liked ze '3oom - absolument magnifique"

"huh??" Just then Meems felt a presence right behind her and it dawned on her. The guy they were just talking about was close enough to have heard their conversation. But then again they are in a club and you cant really eavesdrop on people because of the volume of the music. She smelled him before she felt the tap on her shoulder. She knew she was in trouble. Dunhill Desire always got her in trouble. For some reason she could never resist a guy wearing it but for some reason her ex hated it. Now it just made it even more sexier to her that its beyond the league of cheaters. To her, Dunhill Desire meant a man. A REAL man.


He laughed in her ear. She couldnt get it. She had to snap out of it. She hated how this perfume made her act. Her thoughts just went wild. She tuned out. He followed her eyes and realised that she was looking at Jooja and Faisal with a smile on her face.

"They look very comfortable and happy together - dont you think?"

"Hhmm" Her thoughts were fuzzy. The mix of the alcohol, his perfume and the gorgeous couple that consisted of her best friend and this stranger were making her giddy and a little dizzy and she didnt realise that she actually lost her footing until she felt his hands on her waist.

"Oh my god im so sorry - i dont know what happened!!"

"Dont worry its my pleasure, as I said earlier when you werent paying attention to me, I just came to introduce myself since everyone was too rude to introduce us, bas ma twaqa3tik ta5theeny bila7than" he winked.

She didnt know what to say, shes hardly ever speechless but for some reason she was too taken aback by him. That was very straight forward and even more shocking since he had grey eyes and light brown hair. "Inta 5aleeji??"

"Aish bitshoofeeni ya3ni - marra amreeki shakli??"

"Akeed feek shway min hnee wila hnak" she insisted. She could not beleive he was a pure 5aleeji. She was so used to the dark haired dark eyed boys but as he was talking she caught the word "da7eena" and it clicked. He turned out to be Saudi. Shes not very familiar with Saudies as she hasnt really met many throughout her life but she knew enough to know that there were some big families from European descendants. While chatting he revealed that he was also staying at the Atlantis and that he was in Dubai just for the weekend.

Suddenly the main hall of the club started getting crowded as the outdoors section and the other room were getting closed for the night. So everybody was crowding into the main hall. She was standing against the pillar but was getting knocked about a little. She was busy frowning when she suddenly realised he was leaning in really close and had his arms above her shoulders and against the wall behind her.

"What do you think your doing?"

Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Three

Ok thats more like it - shwayat 7amas to motivate me. Ive been planning on having on part per week but im getting into this. Oh yeah and I lost a follower today. LOOOOL.

Update: I realised that I might be not getting as many comments as before cos I wasnt allowing anonymous comments. Anyways all you anonys out there, you may comment now.




Thats all she could hear around her. She was completely clueless to the surrounding people staring.She was still holding her martini glass that was now tilted to the side and dripping on her jeans. Her jaw was literally scraping the floor while she was still in the same position. The moroccan style outdoor seating was so comfortable that she always sat cross legged on the couch. She couldnt get her thoughts together in order to decide what to reaction to have. Until she felt T take the glass and the cigerette from her hand saying "So how do you like this surprise??". Suddenly she got her senses back and jumped up and hugged the voice.

"Meems how a'3 uuuu ya sharmootah"

All that would come out of her mouth was her excited AAAAAHHHH. Her friends were all used to it. She was crazy and often informed people that she didnt care how people around her reacted to her actions as long as she wasnt offending anyone. Especially in Dubai. She had enough restictions in Muscat that when shes out of it, she wanted to leave everything behind.

"Jooja I cant beleive you would come here without telling me!!!!! You are such a bitch - dont even think that u are staying anywhere other than my place"

"I know my dea'3 - i 'ave my luggayj wiz me in ze ca'3 - ya binti inti 3arfa ana ma bagdar a3eed fee Doobay bidoonik"

Meems and Jooja met in the states over 6 years ago by coincidence. She was the daughter of the Moroccan Ambassador to the States and Meems was touring the embassies of DC on an official visit. They got stuck in a lift in between floors during a power outage and had a very interesting 3 hour conversation until they were rescued. They maintained contact and became very good friends when destiny helped them meet over a dozen time over the past 5 years since they both left DC. Out of these meets, only two meets were planned where one occured in Meems's home town of Muscat and one in Jooja's hometown of Rabat. Otherwise all other meets were unplanned occurred all over the world including Dubai, Tunis, Jordan, Athens, London, Geneva and countless other cities. Jooja lovingly nicknamed Meems "Oil Ba'3oness" in return for her "Bitch a la Ma'3ocaan".

Meanwhile the boys carried on their niceties and got into planning the evening while the girls caught up on their news.

Suddenly Meems interrupted them, "Im so sorry how rude of me - Im Meems" she said as she extended her hand to T's friend.

"La 3adi 5ithi ra7tich, ana Faisal" he replied shaking her hand while simultaneously lighting the cigerette she had dangling from her lips. "Wayid sima3t 3anich min Joojty - Im glad u guys will have time to catch up cos she has been missing u a lot lately"

"Joojtik??" looking at Jooja "shakleh ur bf is trying to impress the friends - did u tell him what im like"

Jooja laughs shyly and pinches Meems on the thigh "Malish ma9la7a agoolu shay - inti kifaya - Guys can we please go dancing?"

"Smooth change of topic Jooja but dont forget ur staying with me tonight so i will get it out of u - lakin 3adi so far ba36eeh one point - anyways ana 7ajza 6awla fi Sanctuary il layla - twaqa3t shay chee min T bas this is even better than I expected. I also booked a room at the hotel cos as u see Im still in my travel clothes and my bag is in my car"

"Oui moi aussi, mes bagages sont dans la voiture de Faisal" Jooja has a habit of breaking into French whenever she gets really excited.

"Yeah yeah yeah we all speak French" T says sarcastically, "move yo asses peepols"

The foursome head out and automatically get into T's H2. It was common knowledge that when in Dubai, only T drives. He keeps saying that having a tank has to come up to something. On the way everyone was on the phone calling different friends to check what everyone's plans were for the night. Friday nights are the most happening nights in Dubai and Sanctuary at the Atlantis is currently the hippest club in town. By the time they arrived, the group has gone up to about 12 people since quite a few of their friends were already dining at Nobu.

Meems and Jooja check in while the boys hit the bar for a few more drinks. "Girls la tit2a5aroon please" they both call out simultaneously. A record breaking 40 minutes later the girls meet the rest of the group at the entrance of the club and spend a few minutes saying the hellos and how are yous. There were a few people that Meems did not know but she always appreciated new company especially in Dubai. Between the 12 of them, there were at least 8 different nationalities.

A few hours of heavy drinking and dancing, Jooja pulls Meems aside with a shine in her eye and a cheeky smile and says "le mec parle à T est folle de vous"

A New Beginning - Round Two

Disclaimer: For those sensitive to bad language - please be warned that the characters are quite filthy mouthed

P.S. Wain il 20-something pple ili voted that I write? Ma7ad m3abir my first part gilt I post the 2nd

She knew the voice. She was sure. But she couldn't quite place it. But even with the words that she was hearing, there was no way that she didn't know who it was. She was in extreme denial and all she could say was NO. She kept repeating that tiny word over and over again yet she felt like she was saying stories. So much energy went into saying those two measly letters because with every NO she had so much more behind it.

The caller knew that she had figured out who they were. Yet they couldn't say much. They guessed from the surrounding noise that she was in a public place and didn't want her to reach that limit that they knew so well. She had no problems getting hysterical in public and making a scene. Her favorite act was throwing the phone at the nearest wall in anger and that would not be a good thing right now. They had to talk. They had so much between them that had to be said.

"Wishu ba'3een al7een - mistakawda ana ba'3ia arta7 - 5alooni fi 7ali" she yelled into the phone that she was holding in front of her face as opposed to by her ear. She threw the phone into her handbag and got up and walked out when she noticed pple staring. She was a regular at Cafe Armani so the waiter just let her go knowing she will come back to settle her bill even if it was months later. She walked through past her favorite part of the mall yet wasn't even paying attention heading for Carrefour. Whenever she had so much to think about she liked to go to places that were very crowded because she wanted the noise to drown out the screaming in her head.

She felt her phone vibrate and heard it ring throughout the hour that she spent walking. Her feet starting to hurt as she felt the blister growing. She didn't know what she wanted to do now. She hated the caller for ruining her mood.

"Hey T - where are u? I really need to talk. The asshole just called me. How the fuck did they get my number?!?! Can you meet me? Alright I will pick u up in 15"

45 minutes later they were sitting in Koubba al the Qa9r Hotel in Jumeirah Beach. This was her favourite getaway and the thing she liked most about it was that its quiet and secluded and still not well discovered. T gave her a big hug. He was her best friend in the world and was ur shoulder to cry on. She met him through her ex and he had stood by her throughout their rough period and supported her without taking any sides.

"So please specify which asshole are u talking about cos there are so many around these days"

She updated him about the story. The asshole was a friend of hers since childhood. Their parents are old friends and when they were younger they hated each other when they were younger cos the parents tried to force them to be friends. Then they became the best of friends a couple of years after the parents stopped trying. She realised that she had never told T about Lily.

"So basically Lily sent me a msg after she called telling me that even though I ruined her life she still forgives me and wants things to go back to the way they used to be. What the fuck? I ruined her life how? After everything that she did to me over the years!!!!! I should be the one forgiving her not the other way round"

"Meems calm down. U know u never hold a grudge so stop with all this forgiving crap, just think about whether u want her back in ur life now or not?"

"I don't. I can't handle stupid girl drama. U know what I'm like. I just wanna live my life without being judged and without judging pple. Ili ana asaweeh bainy oo bain rabbi. Shay5i9 ilnas fini. Mabi wa7da tig3id gidam ilnas tsaweeli ana shareefat makka oo madri waish. Magdar 3ala hathi ilsa5afat T."

"Inzain 3ayal la t36eenha wayh. Gooleelha al7een inich not interested in anything she had to say oo 5alha tfukich"

"T u don't understand wishkithir mashkalatni wiya my parents."

"Maleh da3i ityeebi ilma'6i al7een. Bas dizzi ilmsg 3ashan tay7i balich"

Meems starts typing. She begins a sentence then deletes it then starts again and so on. Finally she asks "agool "not interested - bye" oo bas wila do I need to explain?"

T justs nods his approval as he was on the phone. Meems sends the msg and waits for him to get off the phone. "Btw a friend of mine is coming here now with his gf - is that ok?"

"Yeah man I need to distract myself - shall we order another round?"

She orders another Martini despite T's raised eyebrow.

"A bad day T please just leave me alone - don't need the lecture right now"

"Did she reply?"

"No what will she say?"

Ten minutes pass in silence and soon the waiter comes over with their drinks. T gets up which is strange since there is no need to get up for a waiter. She gets distracted with the olives in her drink until she hears a familiar voice and almost chokes on her drink while managing to spit the olive out in the other direction.

She sits there in shock as the waiter leaves after taking more orders and the owner of the voice appears from behind the waiter.

"What the fuck are u doing here?" she screams
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning - Round One

"Hiiiii babaaa - ana wa9alt al7een ilmall - ray7a allagi a9diqa2i - la baa ba3adni ma ri7t ilbait - inshaaaalah baaa - twa9i shay? Salim 3alaihum filbait"

She drives up to valet at the Kempinsky. Same conceirge dude shouts out the usual "welcome back girl - new car?!?!". She's there so often that her car is known so she smiles. Its nice to know that pple notice. Even if its just the doorman. Especially that she doesn't even live in Dubai even though it would be her dream. She walks in busy looking at her phone.

"Inzain 3a6oneh wayh yal 3mani"
"Ra'9i 3ashan hal3yoon"

She never stopped. This kind of banter with strangers has become the norm and in fact would be quite strange if it didn't happen. It gives a nice boost for the confidence. Completely harmless. She is the kind of person that would never befriend someone without an introduction. It was just one of those funny things about her. Especially with guys. They have to be introduced and preferably by a very trusted source. Otherwise they would never stand a chance. Not that she had guys falling all over themselves wanting to meet her. But she knew that even though she was not conventionally attractive, there was something alluring and mysterious about her. She has been told that enough times by family and friends.

Today was going to be her alone day. The white lie about meeting friends was told to her dad for the sake of his worrying streak. Knowing she was not alone always made him more comfortable and less prone to the hourly phone calls. Some retail therapy is always the solution and after picking up the reserved Gucci Boston bag that she tracked down on the drive, she treats herself to Cafe Armani's Chocolate Fondue.

Incoming Call: 050 123 4567

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Beginning - Prologue

Guys below is a sampler of my story - to help you decide on what to vote on the poll on the left. The story is completely fictional but some events are based on my own life and experiences.


She goes back to her room after sitting in the TV room wrapped in her towel waiting to air dry after the looooong shower. Purely guided by habit, she looks for the blinking red light on her bed and sure enough she finds it. She picks up the BB Bold and see that it has been quite active in her absense. 37 missed calls. 4 emails. 5 BBMs and 2 SMS msgs.

"Thank you for ur 30 plus calls and ur text but it will do u no good. We are completely over. I have been the best gf a girl can ever be and u treated me like shit but I still understood ur situation. I always told u that if u ever needed to get me out of ur life but were too chickenshit to do it then cheat on me and u will never hear from me again. So I'm just doing what I promised. U cheated on me therefore Goodbye"

"Message sent"

Half an hour later she switches on her phone, now loaded with her Etisalat simcard, and rushes down the stairs.

"Yallah baba ana bat7arak al7een"
"Babati lazim ya3ni tsawy fini chithi?"
"Baaabbbaaaa hathi moo awal mara wala a5er mara asoog laih Dbai"
" La2 hathi a5er mara sama3ty? Yala bsir3a 3ashan twi9ly gabil ma it'9alim - 5ali balish fil 6areeg haa la timshi bsir3a"
" Inshallah baba - bye tara msha'3la ragim Dbai already - bbaaaayyyy"

As she passes City Centre Seeb, she lights her cigerette and cruises down the main road, her vision very blurred through the floods of tears flowing down her face.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings

I've decided to start my own love story blog thing. So just doing a general survey. Got a poll started so let me know people.

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