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Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Fourteen

As previously mentioned on my main '6ay3a oo Day5a blog, I will be putting this story on hold but I thought I would post this last part since it was almost ready and sitting in drafts.

She didnt know how to react - she didnt know whether to laugh or cry. All she could do was just stand there in shock. The "visitor", who happened to be wearing a huge red ribbon on their head, pushed their way into the room, dumped the luggage and gave Meems a very tight hug. Meems got the biggest smile on her face. Her visitor by then was collapsed on the sofa and complaining about the outfit.

"I haayyte yo'3 boyf'3iend - why he mayke me poot zis bow as if i am a fackin ch'3istmas p'3esent"

"Joooooja I cant beleive ur here - seriously wtf are u doing here?? "

"ma bagoolik ya binty 9a7bik 6ayyarny min south afreeka kunt fy business trip oo jabny hina - oo he called my boosss and 3amil 7alu some biiig new client 3ashan i stay wiz yoo for isbu3ain"

"ma9adig - Khalifa did all this??"

"ma howa ma kan yeejy because of his family so 3ashan ma tib2i l7alik jabny ana - but he never told u - he called me gabil youmain ygool inu 5ala9 he is coming but my tickets was already cut so i said i will come ijaza - bas fahamty iny ana ilhadiya apparently" she complained while shedding yards and yards of thick red ribbon on the floor.

Jooja and Meems continued chatting and catching up. They havent seen each other since before the incident with Sami which was way before she met Khalifa. Its been almost a year and this has been the longest time ever that they dont see each other since they met more than five years ago. Jooja met Khalifa when she was on a business trip on Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks after that first phone call between him and Meems. M asked K to help J out since she had some problems getting through the airport with all the medical equipment she carried with her for work. J called M a week later when she was leaving Abu Dhabi telling her what a complete gentleman K was and how he fully entertained J throughout her week there. That was seven months ago.

M: OMG J - seven months since u met him. Almost 8 months since we started talking. Weve only seen each other very breifly when I go to Dubai and always in big groups. I never went out with him on our own. But its a very serious relationship.

Meems suddenly burst out crying. She didnt know why she was crying but that gut feeling she has been having for the past few weeks was back again and very strong.

M: Jooja I cant do this. I am breaking up with him tomorrow - this will never work - his family - my family - i cant do this . . .

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Thirteen

They rode the elevator up silently. She just stood there frozen watching the numbers of the floors descend. As they went up her heart started beating faster and faster. He was fidgeting with the room key when he suddenly said "Oh by the way, since were here for two weeks, I upgraded the room to a suite".

She just looked at him with a shocked look on her face. Its really happening. It was finally really beginning to sink in. They reached the floor and he held her hand and led her to their room. He turned around and gave her a strange look at some point cos he felt like he was dragging her. They finally reached the door. He fiddled with the key card and got the door open. He stood back and swung an arm in.

K: Tefa'6elay ya 3aroosa

WHAT?!! 3aroosa?? what does he mean by that. She walked into the room and he walked in and as soon as she heard the door click she turned around.

M: Khalifa I ca...

He shut her up with a kiss. She didnt even realise that he had closed up the space between them since she walked into the room. He had on hand on her neck and the other one around her waist and pulling her closer. She finally relaxed and kissed him back. Then suddenly she pushed him away and screamed.

M: What the hell r u doing to me??? U cant stay here

K: (laughing) I was wondering how long it would take you to finally say it

M: What?? Say what?? Shga3id itgool inta?

K: 7abeeby shchayfatny?? ma 3indy i7tiram oo taqdeer bafri'6 nafsy 3alaich?? la7'6y ineh a'3ra'6y moo mawjooda hnee

That was the first time it occurred to her to look at the luggage. It was only her suitcases laying there. Nothing strange at all.

M: Lakin ana chiftik itgool lal bellboy ysheel ila'3ra'6 kilha

K: Min wain chifteeny?? Awal ma mwa9lna inty dashaity il7amam oo 3abal ma 6ela3ty kint m5ali9 check-in already.

He couldnt stop laughing and she didnt blame him - she suddenly felt a surge of anger. Shes been played. He was testing her. He was testing what kind of girl she was and would she accept a semi-stranger living with her for 2 weeks in a strange country. She started wondering about the kiss as well. Was that part of the game? She couldnt help tearing up and ran out of the 9aloon and into the bedroom. She threw her handbag on the floor and crash-landed on the bed. She just buried her face in a pillow as this was her habit of blocking everything out and coming up with fast ideas.

K: 7abeeby shfeech wallah asif - kint aby agoolich min zman lakin '6a7akteeny ib ur reaction.

He sat by her and started playing with her hair.

K: Baby talk to me . . . please (he said in between little laughs that he couldnt control)

He lay down next to her and gave her a full body hug

K: basich dala3 3ad Meems yallah 3ad

M: oo ga3id ti'67ak ba3ad?? ana ga3da 3ala a39aby min isbu3 oo ma 9adagt inik nimt 3ala il6ayara

She started beating him up but the only thing she could reach in her position is his chest. She just kept punching him in the chest while he just continued laughing louder and louder

K: t3arfeen iny ma5ith sleeping pill 7ag il6ayara?? hahahahahaha - lany kint 3arif lo kint 9a7y chan giltlich. Ooo 9ara7a the look on your face gabil shwaya - ma afawit-ha


K: hahahahahahaha oo ba3ad inty habla - t3arfeen ineh u5oy yiskin ib landan - oo lo 7ata chifteeh 3adil chan 3arafty ineh u5ooy laneh na7na wayid nitshabah - ya3ni 9ara7a twaqa3tich u figured it out min zaman.

M: ily fil ma6ar kan u5ook?

K: haih - 3eyal?

M: weeeh fashla - chafny?? shbygool??

K: laish shbygool ya3ny?? rbee3ty oo y3arif 3anich


He just roared with laughter and she couldnt help laughing herself. He was shaking so much for the laughing and since he was hugging her she was shaking too. She suddenly let out a small sigh and closed her eyes for a few moments.

She opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly. They were both in the same position fully dressed and even with shoes on. They must have both fallen asleep. She tried looking out the window but it was dark outside. It cant be nightime yet can it. She looked at the side table where the alarm clock is and saw it was 4:03pm. Oh yeah - they are in London and its winter. It gets dark early.

OMG OMG hes here. It was all a prank. Bas laykoon he thinks that now that we "slept" together he can stay?? La ma'6in he doesnt have any of his stuff with him. I cant beleive i fell for it. I need to get up. But its so nice sharing a bed with someone. Hes keeping me warm. Abi at'3al'3a9 fi 9adreh. Hhhhmmmm he smells so good. He still wears the perfume I got him. A7san I get up and shower and get dressed gabil la he wakes up oo ba3deen e9eer fashla.

She got up quickly, jumped into the shower after she pulled her toileteries bag out of the suitcase. As she was getting out of the shower she realised that she didnt take out any clothes.

SHIT SHIT SHIT lazem a6la3 3indeh 3ashan a'3ra'6y - shan6ity bil9ala. laykoon 9a7y fashla shbasawy. mafeeh roob hnee bas fowa6. Shiiiit. 5alny a6il 3ala ilaqal. Ooohhh ashwa ba3deh nayim. Ok 1, 2, 3 oo finally - that was close. Ok what should I wear. Yalla bsir3a gabil la ygoom. A7sanly albis hnee fil 9ala wala risk going back into the bathroom. Ok underwear done. Jeans done. Shit wain ilt-shirt il fayroozy??

K: Hey you sexy


K: shfeech 7abeeby (he said as he came closer) OH Sorry sorry

M: Shgiltlik ana

I cant beleive he came almost upto me and im just wearing a bra and jeans. Zain i still had the towel to cover up. Im so stupid why did i take so long. Ya7laileh he ran straight back into the bedroom. Shakleh he didnt realise I was not properly dressed.

M: Inzain you can come out now

K: R u sure?

M: Yes yes Im decent - come out.

K: Chaneh na7na wayid 5aba9na ilyoum?? Nothing is working out like I planned. I had 3 oclock lunch reservations oo NOT walking on u half naked was also part of the plan.

M: Its ok it happens - just forget it happened oo 5alna we start again. Shrayik inta troo7 oo ba3dain pick me up chaneh we never came together??

K: Thats a good plan

He went over to her, gave her a kiss on the forehead that lasted a little longer than it should have and then pulled away reluctantly and left. She finally was able to relax. She threw herself on the sofa and switched on the TV. Her thoughts wandered off to the upcoming two weeks and she started imagining what it would be like.

We have such a connection. Everything is so easy and relaxed on the phone and by msgs. I didnt think it would all be a disaster. I cant beleive he saw me in my bra. Thank god its a nice sexy one. I guess this breaks the ice 5ala9. OMG what about when he kissed me. Uuuffff shefayfa ythawboon. Akeed min il5ibra. 3ayyar y3rf shesawy ib boozeh. Weee somebody is knocking on the door. I didnt order anything did i? 5alny afta7 ilbab ba3ad hathaila ma 3indhum peep hole.

M: What the fuck are you doing here???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twelve

K and M started getting to know each other with time - they were almost always constantly in touch with each other via BBM and the routine nightly phone calls. He was very good and making her open up and tell him stuff that she would usually always keep to herself. Some things were very personal and family related that she shouldnt have even told him but he became her go-to person. Even when it came to the silliest things like a word she didnt know the translation for. Due to BBM he was very accessible - maybe too accessible.

But there was something missing and they both knew it. The distance was really taking its toll on their relationship and they often discussed what it would be like to meet again. Technically they have never had a date and were never alone. So would it be awkward when they meet?? I mean they already knew each very well and they could even tell from each other's voices if something was up. Thats how close they were.

It was his idea - he really took her by surprise since she thought it was too soon for him to go this far for her. She has told him a few days ago that she will be going to London on a 2 week training program and he just sprung on her that he has booked a ticket on the same flight and therefore flying together. She didnt know how to react.

M: Whaaat?? Bityee Landan??

K: Shfeech - i thought u would be happy!!

M: La moo qa9dy bas u shocked me - ma twaqa3t

K: Well this is what surprises are all about (laughing)

M: Inzain how did u know what airlines I was on??

K: 3ad 7abakat 3ala hay ya3ni bitsaweeny stalker?? Tara inty gilty ilsa3a ilflaniya 3an 6areeq ma6ar dbay - oo mafeeh ila hatha il6ayaran - mub salfa tara

M: 7ayaty inta wallah - u went through all that effort??

K: 3ayal - gayilich i wanna see u - i wanna see what were like together face to face - tara the phone gives us extra comfort and confidence u know!

M: Ee adri - inzain 3indy so2al sa5eef - bas ma3arf chaif as2al

K: 7abeeby min mita inty tisti7een mini?? si2ly laaa

M: Well hhmmm madry bas i was wondering ya3ni inta wain btig3id fi landan??

K: Bag3id 3indich ba3ad wain bag3id ya3ni - filshari3??

Thats when her eyes popped out - he was a little presumpious wasnt he?? She just stayed there very quiet on the phone - he started talking about other stuff and places that he wanted to go see and friends he was eager to meet.

M: Agool 7abeeby ana ta3bana - banam al7een - akalmik bacher

5 days later, they were on the plane and the captain just announced that they are about to descend to London Heathrow. Luckily, he had a busy few days just before travelling and he knocked out as soon as they took off. Now she started sweating cos she knew that waking him up now would just make the reality hit harder.

"Ya3ny inta min 9ijjik btig3ad 3indy??" she whispered to herself while just looking at him and trying to figure out how to wake him up. She saw what appeared to be a hint of a smile on his face so she took that as a sign to start poking him. He finally woke up with a start.

K: Latgooleen wi9alna?? Ana nimt 3anich 6ool il6reej??

M: Ee 3ady lanik ta3ban - anyways 5ala9 were descending already

K: Agool il7ajz fi ay funduq?

M: Ismeh ilflany hotel fi chelsea

K: Ok zain ya3ny wayid jreeb

M: La mub jireeb - yabeelna shwayat wagt bil taxi

The plane landed - they got off - went through passports and customs and as they were leaving the airport he started guiding her away from the taxi stand and towards the parking lot.

K: Ta3aly hnee tara we have someone picking us up

M: Aahhmm ok!

As soon as they walked through the doors she heard a distinctively Emaraty accent calling out his name - u know they dont say KhAleefa, they say it Khleefeh. He left her with a trolley and promised to be back in a few minutes. The 2 guys hugged warmly and she stood there awkwardly not knowing whether she was going to be introduced or not. So she just stayed put and busied herself with her passport that was still in her hand and started removing the luggage tags off the bags. Suddenly she feels a hand on her lower back

K: Yallah 3umry nseer??

M: Wain nroo7?? Inta moo gilt 7ad baymurna?

K: La 5ala9 7a9alt ilmifta7

He pushed the trolley and started walking - she was confused and didnt know what to do and just stood on the spot. When she saw that he dissappeared behind a wall it occurred to her to move and she jogged over. By the time she got behind the wall, she saw him loading all the luggage into a car.

M: Agool 7abeeby whats going on?? Whos car is this??

K: Its our car for these 2 weeks

M: Hhhmm ok

K: Yallah sirna?

They drove all the way to chelsea in complete silence - he busied himself with the radio and she kept shuffling papers in her bag. When they finally arrived at the hotel, he took from her the reservation details and she excused herself to the bathroom while he dealt with luggage and check in. In the bathroom she just looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that she DID look very stressed. She was panicking. This was it. They have never had a proper date and now they will be living together for 2 weeks. She was a little bit hurt that he didnt notice her discomfort and that he basically did not give her an option as to whether it was ok if he stays with her. She was definitely not going to accept but him putting her in this situation showed that he took the relationship a lot further than she did.

Then it dawned on her - he was checking them in. They will ask if they want a King Size bed or 2 twin beds. She started panicking even more. Then she decided that she cannot handle the stress. She was going to walk out and tell him in all honesty that she was not comfortable with this arrangement. But what if he says something like "now u tell me??" which was right?? He could have made other arrangements if he knew in advance but now is too late. But is it too late?? Couldnt he just ask for another room in the same hotel?? Thats it. Shes going to tell him.

She walked out and saw him standing by the lobby seats waiting for her. She realised that she didnt really look at him since he boarded the plane nor since they landed. As usual she looked at his shoes first then went up. He was quite well dressed. Very casual and simple but very stylish. As she walked over to him he smiled and she melted.

K: Haa 7abeeby are u ready?? Were all checked in and our luggage has been taken to the room so shrayich we go up and freshen up shwaya then ni6la3?

M: Bas ba'3ait agoolik shay awal

K: Gooleely laman ni6la3 fog moo a7san??

He took her hand in his and kissed her finger joints and tugged her lightly towards the elevators.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG was all that was going through her head