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Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twenty One


...Pretty soon Meems fell asleep again. Jooja got up showered, got dressed and left a note for her before walking out. She knew that she will not wake up for at least another few hours which gave her enough time to do what she had in mind.


6 Months Later

Meems: 7abeeby wainak?? Ana fil Qurum ga3da an6uruk.
????: Im here baby - just looking for a parking space.
Meems: No dont park - just pick me up Im done and were meeting my parents for lunch
????: Zain gilteely - yallah Im by the door - there I can see you

Meems gets into the car after throwing all the shopping in the back seat.

????: 3umry whats all this?? Were going to London ya3ny shopping ildinya wil deen 3indik.
Meems: Eee adry lakin its just some necessecities plus mostly its clothes for you cos you dont have anything here in Muscat.

They drove in silence. She had a smile on her face as she felt her fiance slip his hand into hers. They just looked at each other then he looked back to concentrate on the road. The silence was interrupted when the car phone suddenly rang.

Meems shreiked excitedly: Answer it answer it, its Jooja. "Hiiiii Jooja", they both said in unison

Jooja: Well hello there lovebirds - I miss you
Meems: I miss you too ya 7mara - where are you? When are you coming? Did you forget your organising my bridal shower??
Jooja: Yes yes your bridal shower will be the day before the wedding which is still 3 weeks away. I will arrive 2 days before the bridal shower
Meems: Jooja i dont want a big wedding :( My mom is going all out and I hate it. Were meeting her for lunch now
Jooja: yeah yeah ok stop crying - i have to go now - talk to you tomorrow

????: 7abeebty your mom wants to be happy for you
Meems: 5ala9 its too late anyways - wa9alna for lunch I just hope she doesnt fight with me again about wedding details.

They valeted the car at the front entrance and walked into the lobby of the Chedi. This place never failed to take her breath away everytime she walked in. He was staying at the Chedi until the wedding so he suggested to goes to the room to freshen up and drop off the shopping while he goes to meet her parents. It will not look good if they both went to the room. He passed her the key and gave her the room number and walked off. She waited at the lobby while a buggy came to pick her up and drop her off at the room.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twenty


.....She looked over at Jooja wanting an explanation from someone else and saw that she had already fallen asleep. She decided that she does not want to deal with this tonight so she placed the envelope on the bedside table, switched the lights off and fell asleep.



I know its been a long time since we last had contact but there is so much that I wanted to tell you. I never knew when a good time was and I didnt want to catch you at a bad time. Then when I finally got my thoughts organised and wanted to contact you, I realised that I had previously deleted all your contact details because I didnt want to be tempted.

I heard you were coming to Dubai and so I said this was my opportunity. I wanted to say what I need to say and give you your own time to react that why Im writing you a letter. Pretty old fashioned I know.

M I made a big mistake. I let the best thing that ever happen to me slip away for reasons only excusable for a teenager. I just hope that Im not too late.

I never stopped thinking about you. About us. About our hopes and dreams. About all the plans we made together. I still think about them and I have been working towards them. The first step was convincing my family that I will choose my own life partner. It was not easy but I managed.

I hope Im not too late when I ask you to be mine forever. I know that you are not with anyone. Yes I did my research. If you were with someone then I would have never made this move. I dont think I can ever bear the thought of another man touching you.

M - will you be my wife? If your answer is Yes then meet me for dinner at Buddha Bar tomorrow at 9 pm. The same place we first met. If your answer is No then please dont make any contact with me. If you dont show up I will understand. And beleive me when I say that I wish you happiness in your life.

I will see you tomorrow - hopefully

Yours forever, K"

Jooja woke up to the sounds of Meems crying. She took the letter from her and read it. She then got into bed with Meems and just held her while she cried her heart out. Pretty soon Meems fell asleep again. Jooja got up showered, got dressed and left a note for her before walking out. She knew that she will not wake up for at least another few hours which gave her enough time to do what she had in mind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Nineteen

Previously . . . .

Random thoughts rushed through her head. What was he still doing here, didnt he leave in a rush more than 5 minutes ago?? Oh my god, Sami has his arm on my shoulder. What would Khaleefa think? Why do I care?? Why does he have that look on his face?

Incoming msg K<3
Allah ywafgich


She was lost in her own thoughts while riding up in the lift. She didnt know why she cared?? Wasnt she just impressed with herself for not having a stronger reaction to seeing Khaleefa!!! Why was she upset that he saw her like that??

She was standing in lift with her back to Sami and he was standing really close. Suddenly she felt his head leaning down and kissing the back of her neck. Simultaneaously his wondering hands reached into her pocket and took her key out. She involuntarily jolted and stepped out of the lift as soon as the door opened. She let out a small giggle to cover it up and pretended that she was racing him to the room.

"How am I going to get rid of him now" she thought to herself. Then as she got to the room door, she looked at him jogging towards her and she smiled.

"Oh shes smiling at me so thats a green light." Sami thought. Little did he know that the reason for her smile was actually the complete opposite.

Sami got to the room door and looked at her and said, "yalla ya 3aroosatna"

As soon as the room door was open, she barged in and attacked Jooja who was still on the phone. In the reflection in the mirror, she saw the dissappointed look on Sami's face and she couldnt help giggling. Jooja also saw the look and gave Meems a strange look.

"Ok ana baseebkum da7eena oo ashoofkum inshallah 3ala 5air"

Meems walked him to the door and Jooja waved. As soon as the door closed, Jooja threw her phone on the bed. Turns out she was looking through the peep holes (because thats just something she likes doing when shes alone in the room) when she saw them coming out of the lift. So she pretended to be on the phone so that he wouldnt be encouraged to stay and chat.

"I was on the phone when I suddenly turn around and see Marwan sleeping on his desk and you two gone. Since I had the other key also I came to the room HOPING I will not interrupt anything."

"Joooooooj AS IIFFFFF - btw you will NEVER guess who I saw downstairs"


"OMG how did u know??"

"Because this was slipped under the door" said Jooja and handed her an envelope. Meems was in shock. She took the envelope and lay on her bed. She just realised that he knew she was in town and that she was staying here (which is no big deal since she ALWAYS stays here) and found out her room number. She looked over at Jooja wanting an explanation from someone else and saw that she had already fallen asleep. She decided that she does not want to deal with this tonight so she placed the envelope on the bedside table, switched the lights off and fell asleep.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Eighteen (dedicated to Karamilah)

Happy Birthday Karamilah - As promised here is your birthday gift


Previously. . .

Just as she was getting into her trusty combat pants she got a text msg. She thought it might be Jooja asking her to bring something up so she checked the msg.

"Dont come back up here - I will come down to you in a minute"


She didnt know how to react. Why would he want to come down to her room?? Wasnt that a little presumptuous of him that just because she allowed him to kiss her and hold her hand it doesnt mean that he was welcome in her room. She suddenly panicked and ran out the room and called the lift both up and down. She noticed one lift was coming down from higher floors so she quickly ran into the staircase. She went down a few floors then took the lift down to the lobby.

"Where are you?"

She ignored.

"Meems?? Hii!!"

She looked up and her jaw dropped.

Meems: "Khaleefa!! What are you doing here?"

Khaleefa: "I should be asking you the same thing - how come your in ur PJs?"

Meems: "Hahah oh yeah - Im . . . its a long story"

Khaleefa: "listen ive been meaning to call you for a while now but i lost all my numbers. I really have to rush now. Can I have your number again?"

Meems: "Yeah sure - i need to go as well. I will send you a text"

Khaleefa: "Cool c u"

And that was it. He just walked off. She suddenly realised that she was not as heart broken to see him as she thought she was. But she did notice that he had dark circles under his eyes and looked like he had lost a lot of weight.

She called the lift and sent him a text while waiting

Outgoing msg K<3
This is me

The lift arrived and as she was stepping in still looking at her phone, she felt a presence. She glanced up and saw Sami.

Sami: "Inty fainik??"

All kinds of lies occurred to her but none made sense. She cant say she was getting a key for the room cos she was already changed. She cant say her phone was in the room cos he just saw it in her hand.

Meems: "Eehhmmm - hnee. Just came down to the shop to get some cigerettes"

Sami: "6ayib fainhum"

Meems: "I couldnt get any - forgot to get cash and they wont charge it to the room"

Sami: "Ok wait I will go get them for you"

He quickly jogged away from the lift and into the little shop inside Rivoli and came back with 2 packs of Davidoff Menthols. He came back and put his arm around her shoulders as they waited again for the lift. She glanced sideways and saw Khaleefa standing outside.

Random thoughts rushed through her head. What was he still doing here, didnt he leave in a rush more than 5 minutes ago?? Oh my god, Sami has his arm on my shoulder. What would Khaleefa think? Why do I care?? Why does he have that look on his face?

Incoming msg K<3
Allah ywafgich

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Seventeen


"Ah my partner-in-crime, hahaha, hes just gone to the men's room, there he is"

Meems and Jooja both looked over their shoulders involuntarily to where Marwan was pointing. Meems whipped her head back around.



Meems: "Sami??? Your the partner??"

There was an awkward silence that lasted a few minutes before Meems excused herself to go to the ladies room. Jooja followed her trying to calm her down.

Meems: "Jooja I cant beleive you did this. You know my Sami story"

Jooja: "M - you guys are meant for each other. Give it a chance. Hes been asking for this to happen for soo long - ever since he knew that Marwan and I are friends"

The girls went back to the dinner table and the outing went smoothly after that. Sami was enough of a gentleman to avoid specific topics and he tried his best to make Meems comfortable. They finished up dinner and decided to all go for coffee in a different setting. Jooja suggested their hotel lobby despite Meems's multiple kicks under the table.

They were all standing downstairs waiting for the cars to come back from the valet when a heavily tinted white Bentley drives up. Meems could not help but stare and sigh. This was her dream car. So close yet so far. The door open and the valet parking attendant comes out. Sami holds the door open and says "ladies enjoy it. were all going to the same place anyways. So its urs for the next ten minutes that it takes from here to the Dusit."

Jooja gave out a little shreik and quickly jumped into the passenger seat. Meems was too embarrassed but Sami insisted. She got into the drivers seat trying really hard to hide her excitement. She checked in the rear view mirror and saw the boys getting into her car. They overtook them and drove off.

Meems: "Shall we be fashionably late??"

Jooja giggled knowing exactly what she meant. It took Meems a few minutes to figure out how to take the sexy red soft top down. The left DIFC and headed towards Jumeirah. They cruised through Jumeirah Beach Road getting a little too much attention so they took a left at Madinat Jumeirah and came back through Sheikh Zayed Road. It was almost 45 minutes before they drove up at the hotel and they saw Sami waiting for them at the door. He quickly rushed over and opened the car door for Meems.

"Its not enough that your driving a convertable, your also gorgeous. Do you know how many calls I got telling me about the hot chick driving my car??!!!"

Meems: "Oh my god Im so sorry. You know what Im like when it comes to cars. I didnt realise so many people know you here."

Sami: "Babe its ok - you do realise that Im just gonna get more popular and that NEVER hurts."

It was natural. He slipped his hand into hers and walked her into the lobby and towards the lifts.

Meems: "Hey where is Jooja?"

Sami: "Im flattered. Did I really distract you enough for you to loose ur friend or was it the car?? hahahah anyways, she went up to the office. Marwan and I didnt wanna wait for close to an hour in the lobby"

Meems: "Office??"

Sami: "Yeah well - Marwan and I sort of live here. So we have a 2 bedroom suite that we also work out of. We call it the office cos that sounds better than home"

Meems: "Aaahh"

They got into the lift and he pressed "46" and as the doors closed he closed in on her.

Meems: "Sami - dont"

"I cant help it - do you know how long Ive waited for this??" he said as he looked at her lips and closed the 2 inch space that remained. The kiss was like nothing she had ever experienced before. He put just the right amount of force to make her part her lips but he did not use his tongue at all. His restraint was driving her crazy and just as she was about to explore him with her tongue, he pulled away.

"Were here" he said with a smile. A moment later the lift PINGed and he led her out. He held her hand tightly and caressed the back of her hand with his thumb as he walked towards the room door. He knocked lightly and they heard shuffling and Marwan opening the door. He then shuffled back to his desk and continued working on his laptop. Jooja was standing by the window yabbering away in french on the phone. The usual Jooja. Sami excused himself to get into something more comfortable and Meems realised that Marwan was in shorts and Jooja was in in tracks.

Meems: "What the hell am I doing still wearing a dress and heels?? This is soo not me"

Everyone cracked up laughing including Jooja who was supposedly on the phone. So she just stuck her hand out with the room key. Meems took the key from her and told everyone she will be back in a few minutes and headed to the 30th floor where their room was.

Just as she was getting into her trusty combat pants she got a text msg. She thought it might be Jooja asking her to bring something up so she checked the msg.

"Dont come back up here - I will come down to you in a minute"

Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Sixteen

So many different thoughts were running through her mind. She couldn't organise her thoughts. She couldn't decide what to do. She was just standing there frozen while she can feel something pulling on her. She was internally willing herself to move so that he wont see her but she guessed that subconsciously, she wanted him to see her.

"Meeeemz mooooove, lets go"

She snapped out of it and clicked away in her high heels towards the valet parking guy. She stood outside puffing away on her cigarette nervously. Jooja continued with her jabbering about this and that and ignored her nervousness thinking it was just due to the fact that it was a blind date. Jooja tried to get her to relax but it wasn't working. She didn't wanna push it cos she didn't want her to reach the point where she will just turn around and go back to the room.

"Jooja the car is here, let go, QUICKLY" yelled Meems as she ran around and impatiently waited for the valet parking dude to get out of the driver's seat. She quickly jumped into the car and switched on the music system. "Let's Dance" by Lady GaGa blared out and Jooja always being one to quickly get into the mood started dancing away. Then she turned down the volume and said "looooook at that Bentley - ooohhhh - Omani licence plate also"

Meems nervously peeked through the rear view mirror, "hhhmmm anyways listen so who are these guys we are meeting??"

"Marwan was an ex-colleague, he left the company a long time ago and he settled here in Dubai. He started a business with someone and his partner is the one who is coming - oh here I just got an SMS - change of plans, no more Emirates Towers, we are going to Zuma - where is that??"

"Ok cool - Zuma is in DIFC, right opposite Emirates Towers anyways, very close to us. But I just need to pick up my shoes from Gucci in the towers so you stay in the car and I will run in quickly and get it"

Twenty minutes later, the girls were in the lift going up to the restaurant. They were greeted by the host and started walking towards the reserved table. One guy was seated there and when he saw the girls approaching he got up and greeted them warmly. He hugged Jooja and lingered for a little bit which put a smile on Meems's face. He pulled their chairs for them and hey all sat down.

"Sorry for the sudden change of plans but we had to avoid Emirates Towers since our competitors are having an event there," said Marwan.

"Its fine don't worry about it - Meems loves Zuma. So where is your friend" said Jooja pointing at the empty seat next to Marwan and opposite Meems

"Ah my partner-in-crime, hahaha, hes just gone to the men's room, there he is"

Meems and Jooja both looked over their shoulders involuntarily to where Marwan was pointing. Meems whipped her head back around.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

I know I know

I have been completely useless when it comes to updating - but I am somehow not motivated at all - I have rediscovered the social scene and therefore not spending much time at home and online - but I promise I will post a new part very soon - and I give u guys permission to nag me so that it actually gets done faster
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Friday, May 1, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Fifteen

Its been almost a year since that London trip. It was memorable in many ways but at the same time it was a trip that she wished to delete from her memory. Jooja stayed for two nights only before being called for an emergency meeting in San Francisco. She didnt want her to go because she actually made things better being the so-called third wheel.

But she had to tell him. She thought it best to tell him in London so that he can have his time to decide whether he wanted to make better use of the remaining one week. He shocked her with his reaction. She could easily describe him as cold and heartless. He said "if thats what you want but we could remain as friends".

Was she too selfish to WANT a big scene? Was she too self absorbed to have thought that he would fight for her and try to convince her that things will work out?? Especialy with someone who went through the effort of flying her best friend to keep her company as well as dropping eveyrthing he has back home to spend two weeks in London waiting for her to finish her training every day late evening.

Why was he so cold???

She was not the kind of person that can remain friends with an ex. She explained that to him and he seemed to understand. He completely withdrew from her life. This crushed her even more.

And now a year later, she knows that he is still single. He occasionally sends her some messages wishing her a hapy birthday, a happy eid, etc.

She sat there staring at herself in the mirror. One eye heavily lined with black kohl, the way she always wears her eye makeup. The other still bare and untouched. She felt like a robot going about her daily routine without much thought. Except it was different. She was getting ready for a blind date. Jooja was sitting on the bed yabbering away in french with her boss who chose the worst possible time to call and ask about her progress.

Why is it that everyone around her refused to see what was going on with her?? Or was she just that good of a actress to give the impression that everything was fine. She tried not to think about him but it was hard. They were not together that long but their relationship was very genuine and strong.

She finished up just as Jooja got off the phone. Jooja did her usual catcall and whistle whenever she saw her wearing a dress. She was not the kind to wear a dress at all. They walked out of the hotel room and into the lift. They primped and pruned themselves in the full mirror until they reached the lobby. The doors opened and just as she was about to step out, something white caught her attention and she looked. The next few steps were completely robotic and guided by Jooja. She couldnt carry on. She just froze and stared. This cannot be happening.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Fourteen

As previously mentioned on my main '6ay3a oo Day5a blog, I will be putting this story on hold but I thought I would post this last part since it was almost ready and sitting in drafts.

She didnt know how to react - she didnt know whether to laugh or cry. All she could do was just stand there in shock. The "visitor", who happened to be wearing a huge red ribbon on their head, pushed their way into the room, dumped the luggage and gave Meems a very tight hug. Meems got the biggest smile on her face. Her visitor by then was collapsed on the sofa and complaining about the outfit.

"I haayyte yo'3 boyf'3iend - why he mayke me poot zis bow as if i am a fackin ch'3istmas p'3esent"

"Joooooja I cant beleive ur here - seriously wtf are u doing here?? "

"ma bagoolik ya binty 9a7bik 6ayyarny min south afreeka kunt fy business trip oo jabny hina - oo he called my boosss and 3amil 7alu some biiig new client 3ashan i stay wiz yoo for isbu3ain"

"ma9adig - Khalifa did all this??"

"ma howa ma kan yeejy because of his family so 3ashan ma tib2i l7alik jabny ana - but he never told u - he called me gabil youmain ygool inu 5ala9 he is coming but my tickets was already cut so i said i will come ijaza - bas fahamty iny ana ilhadiya apparently" she complained while shedding yards and yards of thick red ribbon on the floor.

Jooja and Meems continued chatting and catching up. They havent seen each other since before the incident with Sami which was way before she met Khalifa. Its been almost a year and this has been the longest time ever that they dont see each other since they met more than five years ago. Jooja met Khalifa when she was on a business trip on Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks after that first phone call between him and Meems. M asked K to help J out since she had some problems getting through the airport with all the medical equipment she carried with her for work. J called M a week later when she was leaving Abu Dhabi telling her what a complete gentleman K was and how he fully entertained J throughout her week there. That was seven months ago.

M: OMG J - seven months since u met him. Almost 8 months since we started talking. Weve only seen each other very breifly when I go to Dubai and always in big groups. I never went out with him on our own. But its a very serious relationship.

Meems suddenly burst out crying. She didnt know why she was crying but that gut feeling she has been having for the past few weeks was back again and very strong.

M: Jooja I cant do this. I am breaking up with him tomorrow - this will never work - his family - my family - i cant do this . . .

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Thirteen

They rode the elevator up silently. She just stood there frozen watching the numbers of the floors descend. As they went up her heart started beating faster and faster. He was fidgeting with the room key when he suddenly said "Oh by the way, since were here for two weeks, I upgraded the room to a suite".

She just looked at him with a shocked look on her face. Its really happening. It was finally really beginning to sink in. They reached the floor and he held her hand and led her to their room. He turned around and gave her a strange look at some point cos he felt like he was dragging her. They finally reached the door. He fiddled with the key card and got the door open. He stood back and swung an arm in.

K: Tefa'6elay ya 3aroosa

WHAT?!! 3aroosa?? what does he mean by that. She walked into the room and he walked in and as soon as she heard the door click she turned around.

M: Khalifa I ca...

He shut her up with a kiss. She didnt even realise that he had closed up the space between them since she walked into the room. He had on hand on her neck and the other one around her waist and pulling her closer. She finally relaxed and kissed him back. Then suddenly she pushed him away and screamed.

M: What the hell r u doing to me??? U cant stay here

K: (laughing) I was wondering how long it would take you to finally say it

M: What?? Say what?? Shga3id itgool inta?

K: 7abeeby shchayfatny?? ma 3indy i7tiram oo taqdeer bafri'6 nafsy 3alaich?? la7'6y ineh a'3ra'6y moo mawjooda hnee

That was the first time it occurred to her to look at the luggage. It was only her suitcases laying there. Nothing strange at all.

M: Lakin ana chiftik itgool lal bellboy ysheel ila'3ra'6 kilha

K: Min wain chifteeny?? Awal ma mwa9lna inty dashaity il7amam oo 3abal ma 6ela3ty kint m5ali9 check-in already.

He couldnt stop laughing and she didnt blame him - she suddenly felt a surge of anger. Shes been played. He was testing her. He was testing what kind of girl she was and would she accept a semi-stranger living with her for 2 weeks in a strange country. She started wondering about the kiss as well. Was that part of the game? She couldnt help tearing up and ran out of the 9aloon and into the bedroom. She threw her handbag on the floor and crash-landed on the bed. She just buried her face in a pillow as this was her habit of blocking everything out and coming up with fast ideas.

K: 7abeeby shfeech wallah asif - kint aby agoolich min zman lakin '6a7akteeny ib ur reaction.

He sat by her and started playing with her hair.

K: Baby talk to me . . . please (he said in between little laughs that he couldnt control)

He lay down next to her and gave her a full body hug

K: basich dala3 3ad Meems yallah 3ad

M: oo ga3id ti'67ak ba3ad?? ana ga3da 3ala a39aby min isbu3 oo ma 9adagt inik nimt 3ala il6ayara

She started beating him up but the only thing she could reach in her position is his chest. She just kept punching him in the chest while he just continued laughing louder and louder

K: t3arfeen iny ma5ith sleeping pill 7ag il6ayara?? hahahahahaha - lany kint 3arif lo kint 9a7y chan giltlich. Ooo 9ara7a the look on your face gabil shwaya - ma afawit-ha


K: hahahahahahaha oo ba3ad inty habla - t3arfeen ineh u5oy yiskin ib landan - oo lo 7ata chifteeh 3adil chan 3arafty ineh u5ooy laneh na7na wayid nitshabah - ya3ni 9ara7a twaqa3tich u figured it out min zaman.

M: ily fil ma6ar kan u5ook?

K: haih - 3eyal?

M: weeeh fashla - chafny?? shbygool??

K: laish shbygool ya3ny?? rbee3ty oo y3arif 3anich


He just roared with laughter and she couldnt help laughing herself. He was shaking so much for the laughing and since he was hugging her she was shaking too. She suddenly let out a small sigh and closed her eyes for a few moments.

She opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly. They were both in the same position fully dressed and even with shoes on. They must have both fallen asleep. She tried looking out the window but it was dark outside. It cant be nightime yet can it. She looked at the side table where the alarm clock is and saw it was 4:03pm. Oh yeah - they are in London and its winter. It gets dark early.

OMG OMG hes here. It was all a prank. Bas laykoon he thinks that now that we "slept" together he can stay?? La ma'6in he doesnt have any of his stuff with him. I cant beleive i fell for it. I need to get up. But its so nice sharing a bed with someone. Hes keeping me warm. Abi at'3al'3a9 fi 9adreh. Hhhhmmmm he smells so good. He still wears the perfume I got him. A7san I get up and shower and get dressed gabil la he wakes up oo ba3deen e9eer fashla.

She got up quickly, jumped into the shower after she pulled her toileteries bag out of the suitcase. As she was getting out of the shower she realised that she didnt take out any clothes.

SHIT SHIT SHIT lazem a6la3 3indeh 3ashan a'3ra'6y - shan6ity bil9ala. laykoon 9a7y fashla shbasawy. mafeeh roob hnee bas fowa6. Shiiiit. 5alny a6il 3ala ilaqal. Ooohhh ashwa ba3deh nayim. Ok 1, 2, 3 oo finally - that was close. Ok what should I wear. Yalla bsir3a gabil la ygoom. A7sanly albis hnee fil 9ala wala risk going back into the bathroom. Ok underwear done. Jeans done. Shit wain ilt-shirt il fayroozy??

K: Hey you sexy


K: shfeech 7abeeby (he said as he came closer) OH Sorry sorry

M: Shgiltlik ana

I cant beleive he came almost upto me and im just wearing a bra and jeans. Zain i still had the towel to cover up. Im so stupid why did i take so long. Ya7laileh he ran straight back into the bedroom. Shakleh he didnt realise I was not properly dressed.

M: Inzain you can come out now

K: R u sure?

M: Yes yes Im decent - come out.

K: Chaneh na7na wayid 5aba9na ilyoum?? Nothing is working out like I planned. I had 3 oclock lunch reservations oo NOT walking on u half naked was also part of the plan.

M: Its ok it happens - just forget it happened oo 5alna we start again. Shrayik inta troo7 oo ba3dain pick me up chaneh we never came together??

K: Thats a good plan

He went over to her, gave her a kiss on the forehead that lasted a little longer than it should have and then pulled away reluctantly and left. She finally was able to relax. She threw herself on the sofa and switched on the TV. Her thoughts wandered off to the upcoming two weeks and she started imagining what it would be like.

We have such a connection. Everything is so easy and relaxed on the phone and by msgs. I didnt think it would all be a disaster. I cant beleive he saw me in my bra. Thank god its a nice sexy one. I guess this breaks the ice 5ala9. OMG what about when he kissed me. Uuuffff shefayfa ythawboon. Akeed min il5ibra. 3ayyar y3rf shesawy ib boozeh. Weee somebody is knocking on the door. I didnt order anything did i? 5alny afta7 ilbab ba3ad hathaila ma 3indhum peep hole.

M: What the fuck are you doing here???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twelve

K and M started getting to know each other with time - they were almost always constantly in touch with each other via BBM and the routine nightly phone calls. He was very good and making her open up and tell him stuff that she would usually always keep to herself. Some things were very personal and family related that she shouldnt have even told him but he became her go-to person. Even when it came to the silliest things like a word she didnt know the translation for. Due to BBM he was very accessible - maybe too accessible.

But there was something missing and they both knew it. The distance was really taking its toll on their relationship and they often discussed what it would be like to meet again. Technically they have never had a date and were never alone. So would it be awkward when they meet?? I mean they already knew each very well and they could even tell from each other's voices if something was up. Thats how close they were.

It was his idea - he really took her by surprise since she thought it was too soon for him to go this far for her. She has told him a few days ago that she will be going to London on a 2 week training program and he just sprung on her that he has booked a ticket on the same flight and therefore flying together. She didnt know how to react.

M: Whaaat?? Bityee Landan??

K: Shfeech - i thought u would be happy!!

M: La moo qa9dy bas u shocked me - ma twaqa3t

K: Well this is what surprises are all about (laughing)

M: Inzain how did u know what airlines I was on??

K: 3ad 7abakat 3ala hay ya3ni bitsaweeny stalker?? Tara inty gilty ilsa3a ilflaniya 3an 6areeq ma6ar dbay - oo mafeeh ila hatha il6ayaran - mub salfa tara

M: 7ayaty inta wallah - u went through all that effort??

K: 3ayal - gayilich i wanna see u - i wanna see what were like together face to face - tara the phone gives us extra comfort and confidence u know!

M: Ee adri - inzain 3indy so2al sa5eef - bas ma3arf chaif as2al

K: 7abeeby min mita inty tisti7een mini?? si2ly laaa

M: Well hhmmm madry bas i was wondering ya3ni inta wain btig3id fi landan??

K: Bag3id 3indich ba3ad wain bag3id ya3ni - filshari3??

Thats when her eyes popped out - he was a little presumpious wasnt he?? She just stayed there very quiet on the phone - he started talking about other stuff and places that he wanted to go see and friends he was eager to meet.

M: Agool 7abeeby ana ta3bana - banam al7een - akalmik bacher

5 days later, they were on the plane and the captain just announced that they are about to descend to London Heathrow. Luckily, he had a busy few days just before travelling and he knocked out as soon as they took off. Now she started sweating cos she knew that waking him up now would just make the reality hit harder.

"Ya3ny inta min 9ijjik btig3ad 3indy??" she whispered to herself while just looking at him and trying to figure out how to wake him up. She saw what appeared to be a hint of a smile on his face so she took that as a sign to start poking him. He finally woke up with a start.

K: Latgooleen wi9alna?? Ana nimt 3anich 6ool il6reej??

M: Ee 3ady lanik ta3ban - anyways 5ala9 were descending already

K: Agool il7ajz fi ay funduq?

M: Ismeh ilflany hotel fi chelsea

K: Ok zain ya3ny wayid jreeb

M: La mub jireeb - yabeelna shwayat wagt bil taxi

The plane landed - they got off - went through passports and customs and as they were leaving the airport he started guiding her away from the taxi stand and towards the parking lot.

K: Ta3aly hnee tara we have someone picking us up

M: Aahhmm ok!

As soon as they walked through the doors she heard a distinctively Emaraty accent calling out his name - u know they dont say KhAleefa, they say it Khleefeh. He left her with a trolley and promised to be back in a few minutes. The 2 guys hugged warmly and she stood there awkwardly not knowing whether she was going to be introduced or not. So she just stayed put and busied herself with her passport that was still in her hand and started removing the luggage tags off the bags. Suddenly she feels a hand on her lower back

K: Yallah 3umry nseer??

M: Wain nroo7?? Inta moo gilt 7ad baymurna?

K: La 5ala9 7a9alt ilmifta7

He pushed the trolley and started walking - she was confused and didnt know what to do and just stood on the spot. When she saw that he dissappeared behind a wall it occurred to her to move and she jogged over. By the time she got behind the wall, she saw him loading all the luggage into a car.

M: Agool 7abeeby whats going on?? Whos car is this??

K: Its our car for these 2 weeks

M: Hhhmm ok

K: Yallah sirna?

They drove all the way to chelsea in complete silence - he busied himself with the radio and she kept shuffling papers in her bag. When they finally arrived at the hotel, he took from her the reservation details and she excused herself to the bathroom while he dealt with luggage and check in. In the bathroom she just looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that she DID look very stressed. She was panicking. This was it. They have never had a proper date and now they will be living together for 2 weeks. She was a little bit hurt that he didnt notice her discomfort and that he basically did not give her an option as to whether it was ok if he stays with her. She was definitely not going to accept but him putting her in this situation showed that he took the relationship a lot further than she did.

Then it dawned on her - he was checking them in. They will ask if they want a King Size bed or 2 twin beds. She started panicking even more. Then she decided that she cannot handle the stress. She was going to walk out and tell him in all honesty that she was not comfortable with this arrangement. But what if he says something like "now u tell me??" which was right?? He could have made other arrangements if he knew in advance but now is too late. But is it too late?? Couldnt he just ask for another room in the same hotel?? Thats it. Shes going to tell him.

She walked out and saw him standing by the lobby seats waiting for her. She realised that she didnt really look at him since he boarded the plane nor since they landed. As usual she looked at his shoes first then went up. He was quite well dressed. Very casual and simple but very stylish. As she walked over to him he smiled and she melted.

K: Haa 7abeeby are u ready?? Were all checked in and our luggage has been taken to the room so shrayich we go up and freshen up shwaya then ni6la3?

M: Bas ba'3ait agoolik shay awal

K: Gooleely laman ni6la3 fog moo a7san??

He took her hand in his and kissed her finger joints and tugged her lightly towards the elevators.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG was all that was going through her head

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Eleven

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K: Hey - i hope you dont mind. I got your BB PIN from Flan

M: La its ok - but who is this?

K: Its Khalifa

M: Oh Hi - how r u?

K: b5air damich inty b5air

K: So how was your drive back home

M: Wallah it was ok - na3ast shway fildarb lakin i made it in one peice

K: 7amdila 3ala salamtich

30 minutes later

K: So tell me - laish wayid faqda il2amal fil 7ayah?

M: LOOOOL minu gal?

K: Mbayin 3alaich - ramsitich kilha 3an shgad intay mirta7a being single oo matabeen tirtab6ain ib7ad oo you dont want to give up your independance

M: Inzain 9a7 lakin chaif hatha yow7y ini faqda il2amal fil 7ayah?

K: Mamaty ilzawaj nu9 ileeman. ilwa7da ma tiktimil 7ayat-ha ila laman t7a9il wald il7alal wilrayyal ma yiktimil ila laman y7a9il shareekat 7ayateh

M: Madri wallah yumkin lany i got hurt enough and i dont want to get hurt again. ilwiqaya 5airun min il3ilaj. if i dont let anyone in then i dont risk the chance of getting hurt. 9a7 wila la2??

K: lakin hay mub 6areeqa wa7id y3eesh beeha 7ayateh

6 hours later, Meems and Khalifa were still chatting via BBM.

M: Mumkin as2alik so2al?

K: Tfa'6alay

M: laish inta wayid mihtam iny a'3ayir ra2yi fi hatha ilmawthoo3

K: bas lany ma7ib achoof 7ad y'6ayi3 juzu2 kbeer min 7ayateh 3ala ashya tafha

M: ma fahamt

K: mathalan inty a7isich u meet new people lakin ma titgarabain min a7ad - chanich msawya jdar oo ma tubain a7ad ygarib mineh aw minich

M: hhmmm

K: oo kilman yis2alich so2al 5a9 u make a joke out of it

M: lany ta3bana

K: min shu?

M: ta3abt min iny a5aly ilnas ygarboon mini oo a7i6 kil ilthiqa feehum oo ba3dain they stab me in the back

K: cham mara 9ayratlich?

M: ooohhhoooo wayid

K: im sorry to say this lakin it happens to everyone oo ma tloomeen 7ad '3air nafsich

M: WHAT?? u want me to blame myself - u want me to take it on myself that i am the nice one here?

M: you want me to accept people as they are and just accept what they have to dish out at me?

M: you expect me to forgive and forget everytime it happens wala chaneh it happened?

M: im sorry but i will NOT justify other peoples actions. ana ma sawait shay 7ag a7ad laish ysawoon feeny chithi??


M: ???????

K: you know i said that cos i knew you would get passionate with your answer. Oo bas ba'3ait achoof how passionate you can be

M: mathgal dammik

3 hours later

M: listen moo chaneh ma9a5naha?? its 730 in the morning and i havent slept since day before yesterday

K: yeah sure im sorry lo ga3adtich - bas mumkin 6alab basee6?

M: tfa'6al

K: Can I have your number??

M: ?

K: I know i can always talk to you here on the BB lakin ba'3ait a more personal method of communication.

M: alright sure - its 00968 99123456

K: aywa ragam il was6a

M: LOOOOL la wala 6ila3ly bil9ufa

00971501234567 calling

M: Alo?

K: hala

M: ahlain

K: I just wanted to tell you good night in person.

M: mashkoor wallah - good night

K: ti9ba7ain 3ala alf 3afya

Call ended

K: ;D

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Ten

It took her much longer than she expected to readjust her life. She just never knew how much she depended on Sami and Hanan in her daily life. Even the simple things like finding out the number of a restaurant, she used to call him instead of 1318.

Muscat was too small and she knew his hangouts. Since their "breakup", everyone suddenly felt obliged to report to her his whereabouts and doings. Therefore she avoided any and all places that she felt she might bump into him. A few times she was meeting friends in a certain place but if she saw his car in the parking lot, she would turn around and head back home or reroute the friends she was meeting. Once or twice they ended up side by side at the traffic lights but with both cars heavily tinted, she couldnt tell whether he was looking at her and she was hoping that he couldnt see that she was staring.

She decided she wanted to make some changes in her life. She finally accepted the job that has been on hold for a while and she also enrolled into the MBA program that she had always promised herself she would persue. She never went on that date. In fact since that day that she lost what she considered her adopted family, she had never even so much as considered a romantic though towards any guy. She refused setups, she rejected dates, she even turned down three 5e6a6eeb during the 10 month period since that day. She had only been proposed to twice before and those three in this period was quite a record. They were all those semi-arranged kind where the guy probably saw her in a supermarket or something like that. She hated this type and especially when she found out that one of them is a guy she knew and had been out socially with a few times since they have mutual friends.

She spent most of her free time alone thinking things over. She was a typical cancerian. She always over thought and over analysed situations and in most cases she just wore herself out. She spent a lot of time at a childhood hang out in the PDO area. Double O Seven she called it. She remembered taking him there and him realising that it was called 007 because it was the number of the water tank and in fact no relevance to James Bond at all.

She then started spending some alone time at the little strip of beach on the old road of the Dive Centre. That again reminded her of him. Same as Athaiba Beach and 3urooq and any other location. She realised that she had shared so much with him. Eventually she stopped going out and just stayed at home. Muscat is not what it used to be anymore. Everything just reminded her of her betrayal.

As the National Day Holiday were nearing, it was December and the majority of the month has been holidays which she spent in bed. So since it was a long-ish holiday she decided she will get away. She didnt tell anyone what she was planning on doing, she just sprung it last minute on her dad and drove down to Dubai. The first 2 days she hibernated with her phones switched off and the lights out majority of the time.

The 3rd day, she woke up revitalised and rejuvenated. She decided she had wasted enough of her time thinking about what could have been but shouldnt have been. She needed to get back into her life and regain control. She drove over to Habtoor Grand Hotel and underwent a full service. She made calls during her pedicure and texted friends while her hair was being blowdried. A few hours later, she came out feeling fresh and renewed with a full schedule for the rest of her stay.

That night, she met friends for dinner at Buddha Bar and was seated next to a random Emarati friend of a friend. She hardly spoke to him but managed to pick up through group conversation that his name was Khalifa and he was originally from Abu Dhabi. He didnt really catch her attention until they were all waiting for their cars at the valet parking and agreeing on meeting in Boudoir. So being the typical super nice, super friendly girl she was that guys often mistook it for come ons, she turned to him and said "binshoofik fi Boudoir laa?"

"Only if you start changing you mind about the male species? Tara mub kilina 7ayawanat oo mub kilina 5awana. You need to start having faith in the other 50% of the earth's population" he said and got into his car.

A New Beginning - Round Nine

"Whaa. . . cough cough cough cough" started Sami but could not continue. He had to get up and walk it off and despite his coughing fit, he picked up his cigerettes and walked outside to the patio.

"3of 3of" said Meems as she walked behind him rubbing his back. "la7tha bajeeblik gla9 may". She came back to find him furiously puffing away while clearing his throat between puffs. She picked up a cigerette and lit it.

Meems: Gilt bag3id wiyak 3abal ma Hanan itchayik 3ala ilbishkara wil 6abee5
Sami: M - goolily ma3 meen 6al3a inty? oo kaif ma tgoolily min qabil?
Meems: Sami!!! I told you now didnt i? shfeek?
Sami: I need to check on the guy
Meems: WHAT!!! why?? im not marrying the guy, its a first date.
Sami: Is he taking you out for drinks??
Meems: Come on you know I quit drinking a while ago. Whats this all about??


Meems: Samsoom, is there something your not telling me??
Sami: I have to go - im meeting to boys and im already late. Tell Hanan that i will be eating out

And with that Sami walked out. More like stormed out. Meems sat there in confusion as she finished off her cigerette and walked back in to find Hanan rubbing her big belly.

Meems: Hatha a5oosh 3alaih 7arakat '3areeba. anyways ygool byit3asha wiya ilshabab
Hanan: Inti 7mara

Meems stopped mid stride and stared at Hanan. She knew her well enough to know that if she used the strong swear words it was nothing serious but when she used words like 7mara and kalba that meant something HUGE was happening.

"Hanan shfeech inti ba3ad - 3ad ma 9arat!!! 7asha lillah mara thania ma bagoolkum lo 3indy date. itha tzawajt 3ad intu bit3arfu mithilkum mithil bagi ilnas"

Hanan then picked up her phone and dialled a number. She waited for a few seconds until the called picked up and she yelled "ana ta3abt ma agdar kida - ana ra7 agoolaha kul 7aja" and she shut the phone. Immediately the phone started ringing and she ignored it.

Hanan: Inti 7mara wila btistahbaly?? M a5ooya b7ibik. Bimoot feeky. 9arlu fatra 3awiz yifta7 ma3aky il mawthoo3 bas mano 3arif. I cant beleive you dont see it. I told him I will talk to you but he refused. 3awzik shareeky lakin mush li3ib 3ashan kida gal ra7 yistana omy tirja3 min ijazat-ha 3ashan ykalim ahlik. Min jad inty . . . .

Meems tuned out. The constant ringing of Hanan's phone mixing with her screaming was too much for her to handle so she just tuned out. She wanted to go into the standard "no Samsoom and I are bestest of friends - he doesnt think of me that way" speech that she gives to all their mutual friends whenever they would comment about their closeness or chemistry.

Meems got up. "Hanan Im sorry - I have to leave. I cant." she picked up her bag and her car keys and walked out. As she neared her car she lifted her head and she saw him. Standing there in front of his very badly parked car in front of the house and his phone on his ear and a knot on his brow. He saw him and his arm fell. He looked at her but couldnt look at her. She had the worst possible reaction in such a situation. She ran into his arms and started crying. She cried for the friend she felt she was loosing. She cried for the man of her dreams that she was hugging right now. She cried for the pained look on his face. She cried for the added pain that she knew she would bring. She pulled away from his warm bear hug and looked up at him. With his cute chubby cheeks she loved biting and his eyes that for some reason were always red for no reason. She realised that she knew this person inside out and she would never find a better match ever. She loved him more than she loved herself. She would give her life for him if it was ever needed.

Meems: Sami . . .
Sami: Please dont say anything. Im embarassed as it is. We can take this as slow as you want or even ignore the fact it ever happened and just go back to the way it used to be.

She will never forget the look he had on his face. She will never forget the pain she knew she caused him. That was the day that Hanan stopped speaking to her. That was the day that she felt she had lost a part of her. That was the day that she beleives now that she made the biggest mistake of her life. That was the day that she found out later that he started drinking. That was the day that she said that one sentence that changed both their lives

Im sorry Samsoom but I can never see you again.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Eight

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"Khalid who?" she asked trying to regain her composure and pretend that she didn’t know what he was talking about.

"Meems please la tistahbalini – I know all about u and Khalid" and he proceeded to tell her how he met him 6 years ago when they were first year students at Georgetown University in DC. They were assigned the same room in the dorms and moved out 2 months later into their own apartment on M Street. They lived together for 4 years and shared everything and spent almost every spring break together. Sami also told her that Khalid was one of the main reasons he came to live in Oman. He was sick of Saudi and the life there and mainly the lack of freedom. It was hard settling in after being used to the life and freedom abroad. He told her all about the phone call he received from Khalid about a year ago telling him that he met the girl of his dreams and the one he knew he was going to marry.

After Sami moved to Muscat, he used to see Khalid quite often but never met the girlfriend until one day Hanan figured out that the Khalid who went to college with him was the same one that Meems was seeing. She confronted Sami about it and during conversation, they figured it out.

"Meems I met the girl a while later. She is NOTHING compared to you. Khalid is like my brother and I told him so. All I knew about u is what I know from Hanan. A few months ago I had a major falling out with him because of this issue. Hatheek ilbnaya bay3a 7ayaha oo howa bardu 9arat sum3itu zabala oo kida ibsababha. Inti 6ala3ty minha saleema ya Meems"

That is when Sami turned around to look at her for the first time since he started telling her the story. He noticed that the whole time she was crying and he suddenly got nervous. He hated seeing girls cry cos he never knew what to do. She realized that he never told her where he lives and she never asked but were now parked in front of his sister's house. He got out without saying anything and she drove off.

6 months later

"Hala 7anoona – mashallah 3alaiky ur starting to show!!! If it’s a girl you have to promise me you will call her after me" sang Meems as she walked into Hanan's house.

"Aish hada il gamar 6ali3 bilnahar?? Lah lah lah – goolily aish il 7ikaya"

"Il 7ikaya yabooya kida bagooli da7eena lama yow9al a5oooky abu ilsim" mocked Meems. She loved the Saudi accent especially on guys. Just then Sami walked in saying "how are my favourite 2 girls in the whole wide world". He flopped on the couch and put his head on Meems' lap. Automatically she started playing with his curls.

Since that day 6 months ago, Sami and Meems had gotten closer and closer. He still felt guilty sometimes because here he was with his ex best friend's ex gf who he had soooo many strong feelings for. But then again he realised that since he had good intentions at heart and the way Khalid treated her made him want to give her everything.

"Yalla ya binty – laish munshaki7a ilyoum" said Hanan

Meems involuntarily started blushing "I have a date tonight".

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Beginning - Khalid

She had met him almost a year and a half ago through friends. She noticed that he was putting a lot of effort to talk to her but she was freaked out. Yes she freaks out easily by guys. Especially guys that put too much effort. They swapped numbers on their fifth or six bump-in and they started talking as friends. A while later he asked her out on a formal date and he was very considerate about where to take her because like her, being an Omani he knew what it entails. He insisted that she leaves her car somewhere and he picked her up.

He was such a gentleman that he blew her away. He opened doors; he lit her cigarettes, apologized every time he had to take a call and the whole shebang. After that day, they had a standard Friday date for 15 months. They kept their relationship a secret because she didn’t want the world to know mainly to avoid things getting to her family. This was the life in Oman. Everything had to be done in hiding. Most of her friends suspected she was making up a bf. He also worked in a sensitive position in the government that did not allow for being open and only allowed him Fridays. He was a good boy, he doesn’t drink nor smoke and he didn’t like her smoking or drinking but he knew she will stop in her own time.

One day, they were on their way to have dinner when he needed to stop at an ATM machine. She had been having a bad feeling about him for a while. He had left his phone in the car and it rang. She looked at the number and saw it was a number that was not saved. When it stopped ringing she looked through the call log and saw that there were multiple missed, received and dialed calls by that number. When he got into the car she gave him the phone and told him about the missed call. He checked the number and frowned and glanced quickly at her without a comment. She dropped it and never asked.

A few weeks later she was out with the girls and she had a friend who was visiting from out of town and staying at the Intercon Hotel. As she was driving her friend back late at night, she saw his car in the parking lot. She had a really bad feeling especially that it was a weekday, so she decided to call the hotel and casually asked to get connected to Khalid Al 3ilani's room. The receptionist connected her immediately and she started panicking contemplating hanging up the phone. The room phone was answered and she heard his voice saying "Baby don’t pick up the phone", the phone was shuffled around and he answered.

"Hi Khalid" she said casually.

"Meems?? Its not what u think – I swear just listen to me. I have my needs Meems."

"Have a good time with your new baby" she whispered quietly and hung up. That night she cried herself to sleep. The next morning she sent him that final text message and went to Dubai for a few days.

A New Beginning - Round Seven

She didn’t know what to reply. She contemplated ignoring and pretending that she fell asleep but it wouldn’t make a difference since it was a text message which means that it will still be there in the morning when she wakes up. Then it dawned on her that he only had her Dubai number and didn’t have her Muscat number. She quickly sent a message to T telling him that if Sami asked for her Oman number not to give it to him. T called her back.

"What's going on dude?"

"Hey – he's texting me and he's asking me if I'm ok with him calling me when he gets back to Muscat"

"So what's the problem?"

"Dude he's freaking me out – he stole my number from your phone. He's such a lazga. I was waiting for my car outside the mall and he drove back with me. He wanted to help me carry my stuff to my room but I didn’t want him knowing my room number."

"Meems – he's a good guy. He doesn’t know how to deal with girls much cos he's Saudi. U know how it is. Give him a chance. Why are u so against it?"

"T I'm sure he's a good guy but I can't . . . I don’t know. I guess I don’t wanna get hurt again and he's just tooo clingy. I'm the girl. I'm supposed to be clingy not him"

Meems and T chatted for a while. T was always a great support and he always managed to make her feel good about herself. He managed to convince her to give him a chance and she said she will think about it.

The next morning, Meems got up early and checked out. She passed by the mall to pick up 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme since it wasn’t available in Oman and hit the road. Her phone rings and she picked it up without looking at who was calling. It was Sami. He was calling to keep her company on her lonely road trip while he waited at the airport for his flight. It turned out that she will be arriving in Muscat around the same time as his landing time so she offered to pick him up from the airport.

A few hours later, she was parked outside the airport arrivals waiting for him to come out. She sees him rushing and then somebody stopped him. She couldn’t see who it was because the person had their back to a pillar but she could see that Sami was not very comfortable and was trying to rush off. A few minutes later he gets into the car and he seemed a little upset.

"I really appreciate you picking me; my sister is not familiar with Muscat roads yet."

"Your sister lives here as well? I thought it was just you."

"She's married to an Omani and he's out of town this week. She's the main reason I made the move here but I live alone"

They rode for a few minutes in silence and then he came out with it, "listen I just wanna be honest with you. I've known about you for a long time. And I've always heard very good things about you. You actually know my sister and she was the one who suggested you to me in the first place."

"Who is your sister?"

"Hanan ilFlani" he replied. Then it all fell into place. She had met Hanan a while back during a charity event and she remembered the conversation well. Hanan had given her a strong talk about being with someone like he ex. She had met him and never really liked it. There was something about him that just seemed sleazy and untrustworthy. She loved Hanan but she hated her that day for trying to force her to meet her brother that was arriving the next week. So since she left her house that day, she hasn’t been in touch with her. It's been almost 4 months now.

"By the way did you see who I was talking to just now in the airport?"

"No I wasn’t looking" she lied. She was trying to see but the pillar was covering the guy. She could tell it was a guy but she couldn’t see neither his face not even his figure.

"It was Khalid"

She hit the brakes HARD.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Six

"T gave me your number - why r u so shocked" he said. She took the phone away from her ear and checked the number. She wasnt mistaken. It WAS a Omani number.

"How come your calling from a Omani number" she asked him already having random thoughts in her head.

"I told you last night - Im working and living in Muscat now. I suspected you werent paying attention to me"

"Sami come on - I heard everything you said but Im 100% sure you didnt tell me". She didnt want to admit that she had in fact tuned out quite a few times during their conversation but if he said anything about living and working in Oman she would have paid attention. This was almost as bad as him being Omani. At least if it was a Omani guy, he might have been discreet about her since it was a 2 way street. But since he wasnt Omani, then he could talk all he wants cos he wouldnt really care about his reputation.

She hated the life she leads. She hated needing to leave town to go out in peace and have a goo time. Her parents were relatively open minded but society restricted her. She often felt claustrophobic and therefore ended up just staying home most weekends cos she didnt feel like sneaking around and panicking everytime she sees a family member or someone who knows the family. She came from a well known and respected family so the pressure was even more.

She wrapped up the conversation by making some random excuse like being in the sun too long and needing to go for a shower and stuff like that and agreed to meet in the lobby in half an hour. She picked up her stuff and signalled to Jooja that she is going back to the room.

45 minutes, the girls were both still getting ready and by now Meems had already updated Jooja on the situation.

"Ya binti mara7 itshoofeeh 7ata fee 3ooman - 9a7?"

"Jooj he has my number!!! oo lama ita9alt fi T anaz3eh laish ya36eeh raqami chan ygool ineh howa ma 3a6ah il raqam lakin Sami kan masik telefone T oo y7oos feeh. Jooj he took my number by '3a9ib"

"6ayib zat is cuuute"

"No Jooj its NOT cute - its freaky - and now hes waiting for us in the lobby - he texted ten minutes ago - thank god im leaving in the morning"

"Dont woorry - Faisal is meeting us in ze mall with his friend so you will not be alone wiz 'im"

An hour later they had just finished their lunch and decided to start walking around in the mall. Sami was trying very hard to start a conversation with her but Jooja seemed to be an excellent intervener. Meems felt guilty since Jooja had to head to the airport around midnight and she had not spent much quality time with Faisal. Additionally she was beginning to panic because she was staying alone tonight in the hotel and he knew that. When the boys stopped to check out the latest PS3 accessories and games, the girls grabbed the opportunity and wandered off on their own to do a little shopping. During the two hours the girls had on their own, they managed to catch up on each other's news. Jooj told Meems about Faisal and how she met and how he was ready to get married but she wasnt willing to get married until she gets a more stable job that does not require constant travelling. Meems filled Jooj in on the "cheating asshole" and the gruesome details. Nevertheless, both girls did some serious damage to their credit cards during these couple of hours.

Meems saw T and Faisal sitting in a cafe and went over to join them, "hey T, when did u get here?"

"Just got here - listen im sorry about Sami - didnt think he would be stealing numbers off my phone but i will have a talk with him" T was honestly apologetic. This is something she really admired about him. He always apologized for the actions of the male species in general. It actually made her laugh.

"Dude its fine - hes just freaking me out a little cos he lives in Muscat"

Suddenly T started smiling and winked at her "look at them two lovebirds" and she turned around to see Jooja and Faisal's heads close to each other while she was showing him her shopping and he was gently massaging her shoulder with his thumb. "anyways its good u guys came cos were thinking of going to see a movie in a bit."

Meems was tired and she had a headache plus she still needed to do some shopping for some stuff people from Muscat had asked her for. So she excused herself and agreed to meet T later on. She said her goodbyes to Jooja and Faisal and was glad Sami was not there. She wandered off again and continued her shopping. She was never the kind of person that would do things on her own but in Dubai everything goes. Much later when she realised she couldnt possibly carry another shopping bag she headed to the Kempinsky to pick up her car from the valet service. Albert the friendly conceirge quickly came over to take her ticket and keep her shopping while she walked outside to have a cigerette. He saw her before she saw him.

" Hey, I thought u were gone already." oh shit - how is she going to get out of this one. They are both staying in the same hotel and since he was obviously waiting for a cab, she couldnt not offer to take him. They were a big group on the way there so he was in the other car but now she couldnt avoid it.

"No Im just heading to the hotel, you wanna jump in with me or you going somewhere else?"

"I was thinking of going to meet a friend but i guess i will just head back to the hotel with you"

Oh god - what is it with men!!! They manage to translate everything into an invitation. She was more than happy to tell him that he should go meet his friend but she didnt wanna be rude. She tried to busy herself looking for a lighter in her bag when he suddenly comes up with a lighter and offers her the flame. Now usually with girls, if they were interested in the guy, this move would have really sexy and would have managed to get a few eye bats here and there. But with someone who was freaking her out, she just had an internal "oh god" sigh.

The 20 minute ride to Atlantis took ten minutes with blasted music to avoid conversation. He was quiet as well so she hoped that he got that she was uncomfortable with him. When they arrived at the hotel, he offered to help her carry her shopping to the room but she insisted that she didnt need any help. She didnt want him knowing her room number as well cos as it is, he was really freaking her out with how sticky he was. As she walked into her room, she felt her handbag vibrate. She dropped everything on the floor and threw herself on the bed. She took her phone out and saw that it had been quite active since the afternoon. It was only ten oclock in the evening but she was too tired to return phone calls. She started reading through the messages and saw the Sami had sent her quite a few messages throughout the day. Now it clicked why he was so quiet. Some of the texts he sent were while they were in the mall and asking to meet and things like that. And the last text was received a few minutes ago asking her if she had dinner.

"Hey Im really sorry I just saw all your texts - I havent eaten but Im too tired to eat" SMS DELIVERED

BEEEEP "Can I tempt you with a room service burger and a movie?"

"That sounds nice but Im honestly really tired and just getting ready for bed" SMS DELIVERED

BEEEEP "So when you heading back to Muscat"

"Tomorrow morning Im hitting the road" as she sent this message she regretted it. She hoped he wouldnt invite himself for the road trip with her. SMS DELIVERED

BEEEEEP "Do you mind if I call you when I get to Muscat?"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Five

Ok I think I have been too nice to you people - posting 5 parts in one week. So Part 6 is ready but will not be posted until I reach a count of 25 comments on this post. So get cracking people whoever wants the next part. Criticism is welcome


He suddenly backed off with a shocked look on his face "Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you but I saw you were bothered with everyone bumping into you so I thought I would create a shield."

She never thought it was possible for her to blush but she was sure she was turning all colors of the rainbow. She was kicking herself internally for being super confident to think that he was leaning in to kiss her. This guy she met a few minutes ago and in front of T and everyone. How could she even think that he would be that brave or gutsy to make such a move in front of everyone in the middle of a club? All these thoughts were going through her head while she held her hand to her mouth and just watched him laugh.

"Maybe you wanted it?? I would be happy to oblige."

"Shit shit shit" she whispered into her hand - she realized if she was just a little bit more serious and offended then he wouldn't be taking it so lightly. She kicked herself internally some more. T came to the rescue and ushered everyone out so that we beat the mad rush of 3 am. The group was walking in twos and threes and eventually all gathered near the aquarium. She always found it so mesmerizing and was peeking up at the top of the tank.

"Looking for Sami the Shark??" he said

She jolted for a second before smiling. "Im always looking for Sami - hes gorgeous" She had a passion for sharks.

"Thank you I will take that as the greatest of compliments"


Suddenly he burst out laughing at her confused expression. He stuck his hand out and said, "Shall we start from scratch?? Hi, my name is Sami. Im from Saudi"

"Meems. Oman" she just with a blush. She was blushing too much today for her liking.


"Meeeeemmmeeeeeee goomi - yallah lets go to za sweeming pooool"

"Jooja leave me alone - I just wanna have my coffee in peace in front of the TV"

"TV aish ya binti - you have enough TV in 3oooman. La tinsi mistar s3oodi byistanaky 3ala il sweeming pooool."

It just all came back to her. For some reason every time she spoke in front of him, she would put a foot in it. The last thing she remembered was saying that she is always looking for gorgeous Sami. How could she have a conversation with someone for an hour without bothering to check whether she knew his name or not? She dug her face into the pillow to drown out Jooja's giggles. She finally got up to get ready knowing that no guy who's been clubbing the night before will be up before 2 pm which meant they had a good few hours of girly quality time.

An hour later the girls were ba6ba6ing in the "sweeming pooool" with other friends. She liked when she heard her phone ring. She got out to answer it when she realized that the caller was insisting on letting it ring. Additionally she wasn't appreciating the dirty looks that she was getting from the holidaying Europeans that were looking for peace and quiet. She flicks her hands out to get rid of the excess water as she walks over to the sun lounger. She noticed it was a Omani number she doesn't know so she picked up.


"Hey Meems, you guys at the pool yet?" it was a voice she didn't recognize but it sounded like a guy whose been coughing for a while.

"Who is this?" she asked in which she got a little laughter and finally the answer she never expected. "How did you get my number??"

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Four

"Jooja please non of ur french bullshit - what are u trying to tell me?"

"Ya binti i am t'3ying to tell uuu zat ze boy talking to T has . . . what zey call it . . . ze hotties fo'3 uu?? zay a'3 looking at us"

"Joooooooooj r u serious?? u mean ili jay ma3a shilat Nobu?? The European looking one??"

"Oui oui ya 7umara tifhameesh?? " suddenly Jooja had a changed look on her face and said "honestly i '3eally liked ze '3oom - absolument magnifique"

"huh??" Just then Meems felt a presence right behind her and it dawned on her. The guy they were just talking about was close enough to have heard their conversation. But then again they are in a club and you cant really eavesdrop on people because of the volume of the music. She smelled him before she felt the tap on her shoulder. She knew she was in trouble. Dunhill Desire always got her in trouble. For some reason she could never resist a guy wearing it but for some reason her ex hated it. Now it just made it even more sexier to her that its beyond the league of cheaters. To her, Dunhill Desire meant a man. A REAL man.


He laughed in her ear. She couldnt get it. She had to snap out of it. She hated how this perfume made her act. Her thoughts just went wild. She tuned out. He followed her eyes and realised that she was looking at Jooja and Faisal with a smile on her face.

"They look very comfortable and happy together - dont you think?"

"Hhmm" Her thoughts were fuzzy. The mix of the alcohol, his perfume and the gorgeous couple that consisted of her best friend and this stranger were making her giddy and a little dizzy and she didnt realise that she actually lost her footing until she felt his hands on her waist.

"Oh my god im so sorry - i dont know what happened!!"

"Dont worry its my pleasure, as I said earlier when you werent paying attention to me, I just came to introduce myself since everyone was too rude to introduce us, bas ma twaqa3tik ta5theeny bila7than" he winked.

She didnt know what to say, shes hardly ever speechless but for some reason she was too taken aback by him. That was very straight forward and even more shocking since he had grey eyes and light brown hair. "Inta 5aleeji??"

"Aish bitshoofeeni ya3ni - marra amreeki shakli??"

"Akeed feek shway min hnee wila hnak" she insisted. She could not beleive he was a pure 5aleeji. She was so used to the dark haired dark eyed boys but as he was talking she caught the word "da7eena" and it clicked. He turned out to be Saudi. Shes not very familiar with Saudies as she hasnt really met many throughout her life but she knew enough to know that there were some big families from European descendants. While chatting he revealed that he was also staying at the Atlantis and that he was in Dubai just for the weekend.

Suddenly the main hall of the club started getting crowded as the outdoors section and the other room were getting closed for the night. So everybody was crowding into the main hall. She was standing against the pillar but was getting knocked about a little. She was busy frowning when she suddenly realised he was leaning in really close and had his arms above her shoulders and against the wall behind her.

"What do you think your doing?"

Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Three

Ok thats more like it - shwayat 7amas to motivate me. Ive been planning on having on part per week but im getting into this. Oh yeah and I lost a follower today. LOOOOL.

Update: I realised that I might be not getting as many comments as before cos I wasnt allowing anonymous comments. Anyways all you anonys out there, you may comment now.




Thats all she could hear around her. She was completely clueless to the surrounding people staring.She was still holding her martini glass that was now tilted to the side and dripping on her jeans. Her jaw was literally scraping the floor while she was still in the same position. The moroccan style outdoor seating was so comfortable that she always sat cross legged on the couch. She couldnt get her thoughts together in order to decide what to reaction to have. Until she felt T take the glass and the cigerette from her hand saying "So how do you like this surprise??". Suddenly she got her senses back and jumped up and hugged the voice.

"Meems how a'3 uuuu ya sharmootah"

All that would come out of her mouth was her excited AAAAAHHHH. Her friends were all used to it. She was crazy and often informed people that she didnt care how people around her reacted to her actions as long as she wasnt offending anyone. Especially in Dubai. She had enough restictions in Muscat that when shes out of it, she wanted to leave everything behind.

"Jooja I cant beleive you would come here without telling me!!!!! You are such a bitch - dont even think that u are staying anywhere other than my place"

"I know my dea'3 - i 'ave my luggayj wiz me in ze ca'3 - ya binti inti 3arfa ana ma bagdar a3eed fee Doobay bidoonik"

Meems and Jooja met in the states over 6 years ago by coincidence. She was the daughter of the Moroccan Ambassador to the States and Meems was touring the embassies of DC on an official visit. They got stuck in a lift in between floors during a power outage and had a very interesting 3 hour conversation until they were rescued. They maintained contact and became very good friends when destiny helped them meet over a dozen time over the past 5 years since they both left DC. Out of these meets, only two meets were planned where one occured in Meems's home town of Muscat and one in Jooja's hometown of Rabat. Otherwise all other meets were unplanned occurred all over the world including Dubai, Tunis, Jordan, Athens, London, Geneva and countless other cities. Jooja lovingly nicknamed Meems "Oil Ba'3oness" in return for her "Bitch a la Ma'3ocaan".

Meanwhile the boys carried on their niceties and got into planning the evening while the girls caught up on their news.

Suddenly Meems interrupted them, "Im so sorry how rude of me - Im Meems" she said as she extended her hand to T's friend.

"La 3adi 5ithi ra7tich, ana Faisal" he replied shaking her hand while simultaneously lighting the cigerette she had dangling from her lips. "Wayid sima3t 3anich min Joojty - Im glad u guys will have time to catch up cos she has been missing u a lot lately"

"Joojtik??" looking at Jooja "shakleh ur bf is trying to impress the friends - did u tell him what im like"

Jooja laughs shyly and pinches Meems on the thigh "Malish ma9la7a agoolu shay - inti kifaya - Guys can we please go dancing?"

"Smooth change of topic Jooja but dont forget ur staying with me tonight so i will get it out of u - lakin 3adi so far ba36eeh one point - anyways ana 7ajza 6awla fi Sanctuary il layla - twaqa3t shay chee min T bas this is even better than I expected. I also booked a room at the hotel cos as u see Im still in my travel clothes and my bag is in my car"

"Oui moi aussi, mes bagages sont dans la voiture de Faisal" Jooja has a habit of breaking into French whenever she gets really excited.

"Yeah yeah yeah we all speak French" T says sarcastically, "move yo asses peepols"

The foursome head out and automatically get into T's H2. It was common knowledge that when in Dubai, only T drives. He keeps saying that having a tank has to come up to something. On the way everyone was on the phone calling different friends to check what everyone's plans were for the night. Friday nights are the most happening nights in Dubai and Sanctuary at the Atlantis is currently the hippest club in town. By the time they arrived, the group has gone up to about 12 people since quite a few of their friends were already dining at Nobu.

Meems and Jooja check in while the boys hit the bar for a few more drinks. "Girls la tit2a5aroon please" they both call out simultaneously. A record breaking 40 minutes later the girls meet the rest of the group at the entrance of the club and spend a few minutes saying the hellos and how are yous. There were a few people that Meems did not know but she always appreciated new company especially in Dubai. Between the 12 of them, there were at least 8 different nationalities.

A few hours of heavy drinking and dancing, Jooja pulls Meems aside with a shine in her eye and a cheeky smile and says "le mec parle à T est folle de vous"

A New Beginning - Round Two

Disclaimer: For those sensitive to bad language - please be warned that the characters are quite filthy mouthed

P.S. Wain il 20-something pple ili voted that I write? Ma7ad m3abir my first part gilt I post the 2nd

She knew the voice. She was sure. But she couldn't quite place it. But even with the words that she was hearing, there was no way that she didn't know who it was. She was in extreme denial and all she could say was NO. She kept repeating that tiny word over and over again yet she felt like she was saying stories. So much energy went into saying those two measly letters because with every NO she had so much more behind it.

The caller knew that she had figured out who they were. Yet they couldn't say much. They guessed from the surrounding noise that she was in a public place and didn't want her to reach that limit that they knew so well. She had no problems getting hysterical in public and making a scene. Her favorite act was throwing the phone at the nearest wall in anger and that would not be a good thing right now. They had to talk. They had so much between them that had to be said.

"Wishu ba'3een al7een - mistakawda ana ba'3ia arta7 - 5alooni fi 7ali" she yelled into the phone that she was holding in front of her face as opposed to by her ear. She threw the phone into her handbag and got up and walked out when she noticed pple staring. She was a regular at Cafe Armani so the waiter just let her go knowing she will come back to settle her bill even if it was months later. She walked through past her favorite part of the mall yet wasn't even paying attention heading for Carrefour. Whenever she had so much to think about she liked to go to places that were very crowded because she wanted the noise to drown out the screaming in her head.

She felt her phone vibrate and heard it ring throughout the hour that she spent walking. Her feet starting to hurt as she felt the blister growing. She didn't know what she wanted to do now. She hated the caller for ruining her mood.

"Hey T - where are u? I really need to talk. The asshole just called me. How the fuck did they get my number?!?! Can you meet me? Alright I will pick u up in 15"

45 minutes later they were sitting in Koubba al the Qa9r Hotel in Jumeirah Beach. This was her favourite getaway and the thing she liked most about it was that its quiet and secluded and still not well discovered. T gave her a big hug. He was her best friend in the world and was ur shoulder to cry on. She met him through her ex and he had stood by her throughout their rough period and supported her without taking any sides.

"So please specify which asshole are u talking about cos there are so many around these days"

She updated him about the story. The asshole was a friend of hers since childhood. Their parents are old friends and when they were younger they hated each other when they were younger cos the parents tried to force them to be friends. Then they became the best of friends a couple of years after the parents stopped trying. She realised that she had never told T about Lily.

"So basically Lily sent me a msg after she called telling me that even though I ruined her life she still forgives me and wants things to go back to the way they used to be. What the fuck? I ruined her life how? After everything that she did to me over the years!!!!! I should be the one forgiving her not the other way round"

"Meems calm down. U know u never hold a grudge so stop with all this forgiving crap, just think about whether u want her back in ur life now or not?"

"I don't. I can't handle stupid girl drama. U know what I'm like. I just wanna live my life without being judged and without judging pple. Ili ana asaweeh bainy oo bain rabbi. Shay5i9 ilnas fini. Mabi wa7da tig3id gidam ilnas tsaweeli ana shareefat makka oo madri waish. Magdar 3ala hathi ilsa5afat T."

"Inzain 3ayal la t36eenha wayh. Gooleelha al7een inich not interested in anything she had to say oo 5alha tfukich"

"T u don't understand wishkithir mashkalatni wiya my parents."

"Maleh da3i ityeebi ilma'6i al7een. Bas dizzi ilmsg 3ashan tay7i balich"

Meems starts typing. She begins a sentence then deletes it then starts again and so on. Finally she asks "agool "not interested - bye" oo bas wila do I need to explain?"

T justs nods his approval as he was on the phone. Meems sends the msg and waits for him to get off the phone. "Btw a friend of mine is coming here now with his gf - is that ok?"

"Yeah man I need to distract myself - shall we order another round?"

She orders another Martini despite T's raised eyebrow.

"A bad day T please just leave me alone - don't need the lecture right now"

"Did she reply?"

"No what will she say?"

Ten minutes pass in silence and soon the waiter comes over with their drinks. T gets up which is strange since there is no need to get up for a waiter. She gets distracted with the olives in her drink until she hears a familiar voice and almost chokes on her drink while managing to spit the olive out in the other direction.

She sits there in shock as the waiter leaves after taking more orders and the owner of the voice appears from behind the waiter.

"What the fuck are u doing here?" she screams
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning - Round One

"Hiiiii babaaa - ana wa9alt al7een ilmall - ray7a allagi a9diqa2i - la baa ba3adni ma ri7t ilbait - inshaaaalah baaa - twa9i shay? Salim 3alaihum filbait"

She drives up to valet at the Kempinsky. Same conceirge dude shouts out the usual "welcome back girl - new car?!?!". She's there so often that her car is known so she smiles. Its nice to know that pple notice. Even if its just the doorman. Especially that she doesn't even live in Dubai even though it would be her dream. She walks in busy looking at her phone.

"Inzain 3a6oneh wayh yal 3mani"
"Ra'9i 3ashan hal3yoon"

She never stopped. This kind of banter with strangers has become the norm and in fact would be quite strange if it didn't happen. It gives a nice boost for the confidence. Completely harmless. She is the kind of person that would never befriend someone without an introduction. It was just one of those funny things about her. Especially with guys. They have to be introduced and preferably by a very trusted source. Otherwise they would never stand a chance. Not that she had guys falling all over themselves wanting to meet her. But she knew that even though she was not conventionally attractive, there was something alluring and mysterious about her. She has been told that enough times by family and friends.

Today was going to be her alone day. The white lie about meeting friends was told to her dad for the sake of his worrying streak. Knowing she was not alone always made him more comfortable and less prone to the hourly phone calls. Some retail therapy is always the solution and after picking up the reserved Gucci Boston bag that she tracked down on the drive, she treats herself to Cafe Armani's Chocolate Fondue.

Incoming Call: 050 123 4567

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Beginning - Prologue

Guys below is a sampler of my story - to help you decide on what to vote on the poll on the left. The story is completely fictional but some events are based on my own life and experiences.


She goes back to her room after sitting in the TV room wrapped in her towel waiting to air dry after the looooong shower. Purely guided by habit, she looks for the blinking red light on her bed and sure enough she finds it. She picks up the BB Bold and see that it has been quite active in her absense. 37 missed calls. 4 emails. 5 BBMs and 2 SMS msgs.

"Thank you for ur 30 plus calls and ur text but it will do u no good. We are completely over. I have been the best gf a girl can ever be and u treated me like shit but I still understood ur situation. I always told u that if u ever needed to get me out of ur life but were too chickenshit to do it then cheat on me and u will never hear from me again. So I'm just doing what I promised. U cheated on me therefore Goodbye"

"Message sent"

Half an hour later she switches on her phone, now loaded with her Etisalat simcard, and rushes down the stairs.

"Yallah baba ana bat7arak al7een"
"Babati lazim ya3ni tsawy fini chithi?"
"Baaabbbaaaa hathi moo awal mara wala a5er mara asoog laih Dbai"
" La2 hathi a5er mara sama3ty? Yala bsir3a 3ashan twi9ly gabil ma it'9alim - 5ali balish fil 6areeg haa la timshi bsir3a"
" Inshallah baba - bye tara msha'3la ragim Dbai already - bbaaaayyyy"

As she passes City Centre Seeb, she lights her cigerette and cruises down the main road, her vision very blurred through the floods of tears flowing down her face.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings

I've decided to start my own love story blog thing. So just doing a general survey. Got a poll started so let me know people.

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