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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Beginning - Khalid

She had met him almost a year and a half ago through friends. She noticed that he was putting a lot of effort to talk to her but she was freaked out. Yes she freaks out easily by guys. Especially guys that put too much effort. They swapped numbers on their fifth or six bump-in and they started talking as friends. A while later he asked her out on a formal date and he was very considerate about where to take her because like her, being an Omani he knew what it entails. He insisted that she leaves her car somewhere and he picked her up.

He was such a gentleman that he blew her away. He opened doors; he lit her cigarettes, apologized every time he had to take a call and the whole shebang. After that day, they had a standard Friday date for 15 months. They kept their relationship a secret because she didn’t want the world to know mainly to avoid things getting to her family. This was the life in Oman. Everything had to be done in hiding. Most of her friends suspected she was making up a bf. He also worked in a sensitive position in the government that did not allow for being open and only allowed him Fridays. He was a good boy, he doesn’t drink nor smoke and he didn’t like her smoking or drinking but he knew she will stop in her own time.

One day, they were on their way to have dinner when he needed to stop at an ATM machine. She had been having a bad feeling about him for a while. He had left his phone in the car and it rang. She looked at the number and saw it was a number that was not saved. When it stopped ringing she looked through the call log and saw that there were multiple missed, received and dialed calls by that number. When he got into the car she gave him the phone and told him about the missed call. He checked the number and frowned and glanced quickly at her without a comment. She dropped it and never asked.

A few weeks later she was out with the girls and she had a friend who was visiting from out of town and staying at the Intercon Hotel. As she was driving her friend back late at night, she saw his car in the parking lot. She had a really bad feeling especially that it was a weekday, so she decided to call the hotel and casually asked to get connected to Khalid Al 3ilani's room. The receptionist connected her immediately and she started panicking contemplating hanging up the phone. The room phone was answered and she heard his voice saying "Baby don’t pick up the phone", the phone was shuffled around and he answered.

"Hi Khalid" she said casually.

"Meems?? Its not what u think – I swear just listen to me. I have my needs Meems."

"Have a good time with your new baby" she whispered quietly and hung up. That night she cried herself to sleep. The next morning she sent him that final text message and went to Dubai for a few days.


  1. ooooooooh that's khalid !
    that #%#$@#W$ !!

  2. ohhh:(, such a heart breaking story.

    but the question is how did Sami know Khalid? and how did Sami know about Meems and Khalid?


    Please 3anooda hurry up with the next part, i cant stop thinking.

  3. aham shay I have my needs....

    great post ;**

  4. wanasa first comment....tawny badya atab3ich bas 7ada cute

  5. Interesting!!! keep on writing you really do keep me entertained!!!
    Good job : )

  6. libero anima - yep thats khalid - LOOOL

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  7. a55 3ala khalid and his stupid needs!!
    what a waste....