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Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Fourteen

As previously mentioned on my main '6ay3a oo Day5a blog, I will be putting this story on hold but I thought I would post this last part since it was almost ready and sitting in drafts.

She didnt know how to react - she didnt know whether to laugh or cry. All she could do was just stand there in shock. The "visitor", who happened to be wearing a huge red ribbon on their head, pushed their way into the room, dumped the luggage and gave Meems a very tight hug. Meems got the biggest smile on her face. Her visitor by then was collapsed on the sofa and complaining about the outfit.

"I haayyte yo'3 boyf'3iend - why he mayke me poot zis bow as if i am a fackin ch'3istmas p'3esent"

"Joooooja I cant beleive ur here - seriously wtf are u doing here?? "

"ma bagoolik ya binty 9a7bik 6ayyarny min south afreeka kunt fy business trip oo jabny hina - oo he called my boosss and 3amil 7alu some biiig new client 3ashan i stay wiz yoo for isbu3ain"

"ma9adig - Khalifa did all this??"

"ma howa ma kan yeejy because of his family so 3ashan ma tib2i l7alik jabny ana - but he never told u - he called me gabil youmain ygool inu 5ala9 he is coming but my tickets was already cut so i said i will come ijaza - bas fahamty iny ana ilhadiya apparently" she complained while shedding yards and yards of thick red ribbon on the floor.

Jooja and Meems continued chatting and catching up. They havent seen each other since before the incident with Sami which was way before she met Khalifa. Its been almost a year and this has been the longest time ever that they dont see each other since they met more than five years ago. Jooja met Khalifa when she was on a business trip on Abu Dhabi a couple of weeks after that first phone call between him and Meems. M asked K to help J out since she had some problems getting through the airport with all the medical equipment she carried with her for work. J called M a week later when she was leaving Abu Dhabi telling her what a complete gentleman K was and how he fully entertained J throughout her week there. That was seven months ago.

M: OMG J - seven months since u met him. Almost 8 months since we started talking. Weve only seen each other very breifly when I go to Dubai and always in big groups. I never went out with him on our own. But its a very serious relationship.

Meems suddenly burst out crying. She didnt know why she was crying but that gut feeling she has been having for the past few weeks was back again and very strong.

M: Jooja I cant do this. I am breaking up with him tomorrow - this will never work - his family - my family - i cant do this . . .


  1. aw ya7laila khaloof:p

    no what the hell?! she's breaking up with him!! MAYSEER!

    Lazim ya3ni cliff hanger?:s

  2. #What? what breaking up?

    whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jooja is back, this means the crazy stuff is back too. :D

  3. AFAAAAAA how come wont work out... give it a try.. DONT ASSUME...

    this is a turn of events!!!

  4. Cupid ;* - LOOOL ee lazim cliffhanger ba3ad shinu??

    Solafa - yep jooja=crazy so there will be a lot of fun happening.

    Stand-Alone~ - we will see

  5. i want part 15!!!!