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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Beginning - Finale

Previously . . .

. . . He passed her the key and gave her the room number and walked off. She waited at the lobby while a buggy came to pick her up and drop her off at the room.


New SMS received from The Love of My Life: Baby wear the new sundress you just bought. Your mom is complaining about you being in jeans all the time so I told her that ur wearing a dress now. Meet us at the courtyard where all the bond fire things are.

She changed into the dress he was referring to and freshened up. She waited for the buggy to arrive and as expected she needed to wait a while. The buggy driver drove her straight to the courtyard which was unusual since shes never seen buggies go that far in. She tried looking for him and her mom and couldnt see them because there was a lot more people than usual.

Suddenly the crowd goes quiet and starts seperating with a suit walking through. She looked at his face and was surprised. Why is he wearing a suit? When did he change? He walked up to the buggy and held her hand to help her out. He couldnt resist smiling so widely because he acheived exactly the reaction he was looking for. He kissed her hand and led her towards the crowd.

Face by face, she started to recognise the people. Her cousins, his cousins, their parents, close friends, Jooja?? Is that her?

Meems: What is going on?
????: I love you baby

He kept kissing her hand as they were walking. Everyone was quiet just watching them. He led her to a seat next to her father who had tears in his eyes.

Meems: baba whats happening?
Dad: Alf mabrook 7abeebty

Suddenly there was a bit of a commotion and when she turned around she saw a Sheikh walking towards the crowd with her brothers by his side. As everything began to sink in, someone covered her with a big green peice of cloth and Jooja was by her side holding her hand. She was now able to shed the tears of happiness beneath the cloth since nobody was able to see her.

2 hours later

Jooja: Alf mabrook 7abeebty - what more do you want?
Meems: I cant beleive it. He gave me everything I could ever imagine. I love him so much.
Jooja: Hes coming, yallah I will leave you alone with your husband.
????: Well hello there my beautiful wife. Finally I get a moment with you.
Meems: I cant beleive you did this. How? When? How can I not notice?
????: I love you and I knew you didnt want a big wedding. I managed to convince your mom and I wanted it to be a surprise so that you dont stress beforehand.
Meems: But baby what about you? Your family? Your cousins? The big wedding?
????: Dont worry about me. Were gonna go on our honeymoon and when we come back we will have the reception in 3 weeks time where everyone will be there. Except we wil be mingling with the crowd instead of sitting on stage on display.
Meems: Thank you sooo much. You just made my LIFE. Not only my day.
????: Baby I love you
Meems: I love you too My King


  1. ha!! lool.. alf mabrook.. but who is the guy?????

    you cant keep on doing this to us lool

  2. nt fair ....3al a8al make a post with just the name of the dude :P