How many are looking for a new beginning?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Twenty


.....She looked over at Jooja wanting an explanation from someone else and saw that she had already fallen asleep. She decided that she does not want to deal with this tonight so she placed the envelope on the bedside table, switched the lights off and fell asleep.



I know its been a long time since we last had contact but there is so much that I wanted to tell you. I never knew when a good time was and I didnt want to catch you at a bad time. Then when I finally got my thoughts organised and wanted to contact you, I realised that I had previously deleted all your contact details because I didnt want to be tempted.

I heard you were coming to Dubai and so I said this was my opportunity. I wanted to say what I need to say and give you your own time to react that why Im writing you a letter. Pretty old fashioned I know.

M I made a big mistake. I let the best thing that ever happen to me slip away for reasons only excusable for a teenager. I just hope that Im not too late.

I never stopped thinking about you. About us. About our hopes and dreams. About all the plans we made together. I still think about them and I have been working towards them. The first step was convincing my family that I will choose my own life partner. It was not easy but I managed.

I hope Im not too late when I ask you to be mine forever. I know that you are not with anyone. Yes I did my research. If you were with someone then I would have never made this move. I dont think I can ever bear the thought of another man touching you.

M - will you be my wife? If your answer is Yes then meet me for dinner at Buddha Bar tomorrow at 9 pm. The same place we first met. If your answer is No then please dont make any contact with me. If you dont show up I will understand. And beleive me when I say that I wish you happiness in your life.

I will see you tomorrow - hopefully

Yours forever, K"

Jooja woke up to the sounds of Meems crying. She took the letter from her and read it. She then got into bed with Meems and just held her while she cried her heart out. Pretty soon Meems fell asleep again. Jooja got up showered, got dressed and left a note for her before walking out. She knew that she will not wake up for at least another few hours which gave her enough time to do what she had in mind.



    this was heartbreaking.. i feel for khalifa!!
    she better meet him.. he was a nice guy...


  2. This is my first time reading an Omani story. It's different and nice. Waiting for your next post

  3. omg nooo. its done.... omg.. i got so cought up i just kept on pressign newer post and then i reached thisone and there is no newer post!!! ma9adig.. i want more!!!
    yalaaa plssss :(