How many are looking for a new beginning?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Nineteen

Previously . . . .

Random thoughts rushed through her head. What was he still doing here, didnt he leave in a rush more than 5 minutes ago?? Oh my god, Sami has his arm on my shoulder. What would Khaleefa think? Why do I care?? Why does he have that look on his face?

Incoming msg K<3
Allah ywafgich


She was lost in her own thoughts while riding up in the lift. She didnt know why she cared?? Wasnt she just impressed with herself for not having a stronger reaction to seeing Khaleefa!!! Why was she upset that he saw her like that??

She was standing in lift with her back to Sami and he was standing really close. Suddenly she felt his head leaning down and kissing the back of her neck. Simultaneaously his wondering hands reached into her pocket and took her key out. She involuntarily jolted and stepped out of the lift as soon as the door opened. She let out a small giggle to cover it up and pretended that she was racing him to the room.

"How am I going to get rid of him now" she thought to herself. Then as she got to the room door, she looked at him jogging towards her and she smiled.

"Oh shes smiling at me so thats a green light." Sami thought. Little did he know that the reason for her smile was actually the complete opposite.

Sami got to the room door and looked at her and said, "yalla ya 3aroosatna"

As soon as the room door was open, she barged in and attacked Jooja who was still on the phone. In the reflection in the mirror, she saw the dissappointed look on Sami's face and she couldnt help giggling. Jooja also saw the look and gave Meems a strange look.

"Ok ana baseebkum da7eena oo ashoofkum inshallah 3ala 5air"

Meems walked him to the door and Jooja waved. As soon as the door closed, Jooja threw her phone on the bed. Turns out she was looking through the peep holes (because thats just something she likes doing when shes alone in the room) when she saw them coming out of the lift. So she pretended to be on the phone so that he wouldnt be encouraged to stay and chat.

"I was on the phone when I suddenly turn around and see Marwan sleeping on his desk and you two gone. Since I had the other key also I came to the room HOPING I will not interrupt anything."

"Joooooooj AS IIFFFFF - btw you will NEVER guess who I saw downstairs"


"OMG how did u know??"

"Because this was slipped under the door" said Jooja and handed her an envelope. Meems was in shock. She took the envelope and lay on her bed. She just realised that he knew she was in town and that she was staying here (which is no big deal since she ALWAYS stays here) and found out her room number. She looked over at Jooja wanting an explanation from someone else and saw that she had already fallen asleep. She decided that she does not want to deal with this tonight so she placed the envelope on the bedside table, switched the lights off and fell asleep.


  1. frist ??
    laa i wana know whats in the envelopeeee! :(

  2. i just read ur whole story
    oo im loving it;p
    khleefa zooo8a
    oo sami lazga!
    whats in the envelope??

    next post please:*;p

  3. ya allah.. mama how many times do i have to tell you, dont stop in a place where we feel like we wanna break the laptop and then chase you...

  4. by the way, i am so happy you posted!

    you need to make it longer and more frequent..

    nice update..
    mo fil 3anvelop?