How many are looking for a new beginning?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Eleven

Guys make sure you check out my picture new blog. Sorry about the delay lakin i wasnt motivated. This post was partially written before and i just completed it.


K: Hey - i hope you dont mind. I got your BB PIN from Flan

M: La its ok - but who is this?

K: Its Khalifa

M: Oh Hi - how r u?

K: b5air damich inty b5air

K: So how was your drive back home

M: Wallah it was ok - na3ast shway fildarb lakin i made it in one peice

K: 7amdila 3ala salamtich

30 minutes later

K: So tell me - laish wayid faqda il2amal fil 7ayah?

M: LOOOOL minu gal?

K: Mbayin 3alaich - ramsitich kilha 3an shgad intay mirta7a being single oo matabeen tirtab6ain ib7ad oo you dont want to give up your independance

M: Inzain 9a7 lakin chaif hatha yow7y ini faqda il2amal fil 7ayah?

K: Mamaty ilzawaj nu9 ileeman. ilwa7da ma tiktimil 7ayat-ha ila laman t7a9il wald il7alal wilrayyal ma yiktimil ila laman y7a9il shareekat 7ayateh

M: Madri wallah yumkin lany i got hurt enough and i dont want to get hurt again. ilwiqaya 5airun min il3ilaj. if i dont let anyone in then i dont risk the chance of getting hurt. 9a7 wila la2??

K: lakin hay mub 6areeqa wa7id y3eesh beeha 7ayateh

6 hours later, Meems and Khalifa were still chatting via BBM.

M: Mumkin as2alik so2al?

K: Tfa'6alay

M: laish inta wayid mihtam iny a'3ayir ra2yi fi hatha ilmawthoo3

K: bas lany ma7ib achoof 7ad y'6ayi3 juzu2 kbeer min 7ayateh 3ala ashya tafha

M: ma fahamt

K: mathalan inty a7isich u meet new people lakin ma titgarabain min a7ad - chanich msawya jdar oo ma tubain a7ad ygarib mineh aw minich

M: hhmmm

K: oo kilman yis2alich so2al 5a9 u make a joke out of it

M: lany ta3bana

K: min shu?

M: ta3abt min iny a5aly ilnas ygarboon mini oo a7i6 kil ilthiqa feehum oo ba3dain they stab me in the back

K: cham mara 9ayratlich?

M: ooohhhoooo wayid

K: im sorry to say this lakin it happens to everyone oo ma tloomeen 7ad '3air nafsich

M: WHAT?? u want me to blame myself - u want me to take it on myself that i am the nice one here?

M: you want me to accept people as they are and just accept what they have to dish out at me?

M: you expect me to forgive and forget everytime it happens wala chaneh it happened?

M: im sorry but i will NOT justify other peoples actions. ana ma sawait shay 7ag a7ad laish ysawoon feeny chithi??


M: ???????

K: you know i said that cos i knew you would get passionate with your answer. Oo bas ba'3ait achoof how passionate you can be

M: mathgal dammik

3 hours later

M: listen moo chaneh ma9a5naha?? its 730 in the morning and i havent slept since day before yesterday

K: yeah sure im sorry lo ga3adtich - bas mumkin 6alab basee6?

M: tfa'6al

K: Can I have your number??

M: ?

K: I know i can always talk to you here on the BB lakin ba'3ait a more personal method of communication.

M: alright sure - its 00968 99123456

K: aywa ragam il was6a

M: LOOOOL la wala 6ila3ly bil9ufa

00971501234567 calling

M: Alo?

K: hala

M: ahlain

K: I just wanted to tell you good night in person.

M: mashkoor wallah - good night

K: ti9ba7ain 3ala alf 3afya

Call ended

K: ;D


  1. now this is the start of something new;* well i hope so:p

  2. awwwwww I like khalefa, so cute ;**

  3. Fastidious Babe - your commenting on my blog??? ma9adig!!! wila kil hatha 3ashan wild baladich?? LOOOOL

    Cupid ;* - yep finally we get to the juicy part haaa?? LOOOL

    love ;** - hhhmmm n5aleeh cute wila nsaweeh asshole ba3dain???

  4. i thought bikoon di3la shway bas 7abaita!

  5. Dandoon - la ba3dich ne6ray tara wayid wayid yin7ab

  6. i hope he doesn't turn out to be a weirdo =P

  7. aww such a cuite khalifa.. yala get your insperation back fast.. cant wait to erad more!!

  8. ana bajaweeb 3an love;** sawii asshole; im sick of the love dovey perfect men ;l

  9. Limited - well so far everyone is voting to make him an asshole. LOOOL

    No identity.. - :$

    libero anima - is it?? akeed u will say that. ahal baladich

    Stand-Alone~ - inshallah

    Anonymous - ee fikri ana ba3ad asaweeh asshole. nuba shwaya drama laaa?? moo kileh 7ub oo 2araf

  10. lool, we are back to our drama :D

    cool come back dear ;)

    waiting for more.