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Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Ten

It took her much longer than she expected to readjust her life. She just never knew how much she depended on Sami and Hanan in her daily life. Even the simple things like finding out the number of a restaurant, she used to call him instead of 1318.

Muscat was too small and she knew his hangouts. Since their "breakup", everyone suddenly felt obliged to report to her his whereabouts and doings. Therefore she avoided any and all places that she felt she might bump into him. A few times she was meeting friends in a certain place but if she saw his car in the parking lot, she would turn around and head back home or reroute the friends she was meeting. Once or twice they ended up side by side at the traffic lights but with both cars heavily tinted, she couldnt tell whether he was looking at her and she was hoping that he couldnt see that she was staring.

She decided she wanted to make some changes in her life. She finally accepted the job that has been on hold for a while and she also enrolled into the MBA program that she had always promised herself she would persue. She never went on that date. In fact since that day that she lost what she considered her adopted family, she had never even so much as considered a romantic though towards any guy. She refused setups, she rejected dates, she even turned down three 5e6a6eeb during the 10 month period since that day. She had only been proposed to twice before and those three in this period was quite a record. They were all those semi-arranged kind where the guy probably saw her in a supermarket or something like that. She hated this type and especially when she found out that one of them is a guy she knew and had been out socially with a few times since they have mutual friends.

She spent most of her free time alone thinking things over. She was a typical cancerian. She always over thought and over analysed situations and in most cases she just wore herself out. She spent a lot of time at a childhood hang out in the PDO area. Double O Seven she called it. She remembered taking him there and him realising that it was called 007 because it was the number of the water tank and in fact no relevance to James Bond at all.

She then started spending some alone time at the little strip of beach on the old road of the Dive Centre. That again reminded her of him. Same as Athaiba Beach and 3urooq and any other location. She realised that she had shared so much with him. Eventually she stopped going out and just stayed at home. Muscat is not what it used to be anymore. Everything just reminded her of her betrayal.

As the National Day Holiday were nearing, it was December and the majority of the month has been holidays which she spent in bed. So since it was a long-ish holiday she decided she will get away. She didnt tell anyone what she was planning on doing, she just sprung it last minute on her dad and drove down to Dubai. The first 2 days she hibernated with her phones switched off and the lights out majority of the time.

The 3rd day, she woke up revitalised and rejuvenated. She decided she had wasted enough of her time thinking about what could have been but shouldnt have been. She needed to get back into her life and regain control. She drove over to Habtoor Grand Hotel and underwent a full service. She made calls during her pedicure and texted friends while her hair was being blowdried. A few hours later, she came out feeling fresh and renewed with a full schedule for the rest of her stay.

That night, she met friends for dinner at Buddha Bar and was seated next to a random Emarati friend of a friend. She hardly spoke to him but managed to pick up through group conversation that his name was Khalifa and he was originally from Abu Dhabi. He didnt really catch her attention until they were all waiting for their cars at the valet parking and agreeing on meeting in Boudoir. So being the typical super nice, super friendly girl she was that guys often mistook it for come ons, she turned to him and said "binshoofik fi Boudoir laa?"

"Only if you start changing you mind about the male species? Tara mub kilina 7ayawanat oo mub kilina 5awana. You need to start having faith in the other 50% of the earth's population" he said and got into his car.


  1. I like Khalifa....she should give him a chance!

    Maskeen Sami, 3war galby lol bas I dont see why the sister would cut you out, adree ina its hard for her because of her brother bs still I dont know! glad you updated walla ;**

  2. Maskeen 3ad Sami mbayn 3laih 5oush wa7ed, laish mataby itkoun ma3a? o itha it7ba laish ma itrou7 itkalma wla il 3thab ily ehya 3ysha fee!

    Ya36eech il3fia 3la posts !

  3. im shwaya confused,
    *clapping really hard*

  4. love ;** - wait to hear more about Khalifa. I love him too. well she didnt really cut me out but i just felt that it was too awkward. la ana ita9alt wala ehya ita9lat. and we just left it at that

    jara7 - awalan welcome to my blog. thanian i love the name jara7. i will call my son jara7 if i ever have one. oo thalithan Sami 9ij 5osh walad bas ilqalb wama yahwa. i love him like a brother lakin i do not have other kind of feelings for him espeically since hes Khalid's best friend. thats a no go area for me. friends of an ex are off limits.

    Karamilah - confused min shu??

  5. still feel heartach for Sami, but i hope Khalifa will be a better replacement.

    BTW< welcome back dear. :)

  6. Solafa - LOOOOL i feel heartache for Sami every single day but what to do

  7. Allah ye3enik dear.

    I know how it feels :( [its hard to let go of someone meant allot to you]

  8. solafa - allah y3een iljamee3

  9. libero anima - yep it is but not the details

  10. lol ok i just finished ur story oo i loved each and every part of it:*
    thank you so much for the parts and i can't wait for more;)