How many are looking for a new beginning?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Nine

"Whaa. . . cough cough cough cough" started Sami but could not continue. He had to get up and walk it off and despite his coughing fit, he picked up his cigerettes and walked outside to the patio.

"3of 3of" said Meems as she walked behind him rubbing his back. "la7tha bajeeblik gla9 may". She came back to find him furiously puffing away while clearing his throat between puffs. She picked up a cigerette and lit it.

Meems: Gilt bag3id wiyak 3abal ma Hanan itchayik 3ala ilbishkara wil 6abee5
Sami: M - goolily ma3 meen 6al3a inty? oo kaif ma tgoolily min qabil?
Meems: Sami!!! I told you now didnt i? shfeek?
Sami: I need to check on the guy
Meems: WHAT!!! why?? im not marrying the guy, its a first date.
Sami: Is he taking you out for drinks??
Meems: Come on you know I quit drinking a while ago. Whats this all about??


Meems: Samsoom, is there something your not telling me??
Sami: I have to go - im meeting to boys and im already late. Tell Hanan that i will be eating out

And with that Sami walked out. More like stormed out. Meems sat there in confusion as she finished off her cigerette and walked back in to find Hanan rubbing her big belly.

Meems: Hatha a5oosh 3alaih 7arakat '3areeba. anyways ygool byit3asha wiya ilshabab
Hanan: Inti 7mara

Meems stopped mid stride and stared at Hanan. She knew her well enough to know that if she used the strong swear words it was nothing serious but when she used words like 7mara and kalba that meant something HUGE was happening.

"Hanan shfeech inti ba3ad - 3ad ma 9arat!!! 7asha lillah mara thania ma bagoolkum lo 3indy date. itha tzawajt 3ad intu bit3arfu mithilkum mithil bagi ilnas"

Hanan then picked up her phone and dialled a number. She waited for a few seconds until the called picked up and she yelled "ana ta3abt ma agdar kida - ana ra7 agoolaha kul 7aja" and she shut the phone. Immediately the phone started ringing and she ignored it.

Hanan: Inti 7mara wila btistahbaly?? M a5ooya b7ibik. Bimoot feeky. 9arlu fatra 3awiz yifta7 ma3aky il mawthoo3 bas mano 3arif. I cant beleive you dont see it. I told him I will talk to you but he refused. 3awzik shareeky lakin mush li3ib 3ashan kida gal ra7 yistana omy tirja3 min ijazat-ha 3ashan ykalim ahlik. Min jad inty . . . .

Meems tuned out. The constant ringing of Hanan's phone mixing with her screaming was too much for her to handle so she just tuned out. She wanted to go into the standard "no Samsoom and I are bestest of friends - he doesnt think of me that way" speech that she gives to all their mutual friends whenever they would comment about their closeness or chemistry.

Meems got up. "Hanan Im sorry - I have to leave. I cant." she picked up her bag and her car keys and walked out. As she neared her car she lifted her head and she saw him. Standing there in front of his very badly parked car in front of the house and his phone on his ear and a knot on his brow. He saw him and his arm fell. He looked at her but couldnt look at her. She had the worst possible reaction in such a situation. She ran into his arms and started crying. She cried for the friend she felt she was loosing. She cried for the man of her dreams that she was hugging right now. She cried for the pained look on his face. She cried for the added pain that she knew she would bring. She pulled away from his warm bear hug and looked up at him. With his cute chubby cheeks she loved biting and his eyes that for some reason were always red for no reason. She realised that she knew this person inside out and she would never find a better match ever. She loved him more than she loved herself. She would give her life for him if it was ever needed.

Meems: Sami . . .
Sami: Please dont say anything. Im embarassed as it is. We can take this as slow as you want or even ignore the fact it ever happened and just go back to the way it used to be.

She will never forget the look he had on his face. She will never forget the pain she knew she caused him. That was the day that Hanan stopped speaking to her. That was the day that she felt she had lost a part of her. That was the day that she beleives now that she made the biggest mistake of her life. That was the day that she found out later that he started drinking. That was the day that she said that one sentence that changed both their lives

Im sorry Samsoom but I can never see you again.


  1. WHHHHHY :(

    lool not really bs thats an automatic reaction ;*

    I love the way you talk btw and no I loved this part!!

  2. what the hell u ruined the story :( i liked him
    okay i know i am over reacting but you really broke my heart with this

  3. love ;** - why shinu?? and about the way we talk?? i call it "accentless" maleh 3ilaqa ibshay

    Anony - sorry to break it to you but its sort of real life. not really a story. my heart still breaks for Sami

  4. I cant blv this....

    i felt heartache :'(

  5. libero anima - salamat sh9ayer??

  6. nooo 7abeebti it means tht u have really lost him:s i knw how u feel ina u at the same time u didn't wanna lose a dear friend:/ inshala things work out:)