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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Eighteen (dedicated to Karamilah)

Happy Birthday Karamilah - As promised here is your birthday gift


Previously. . .

Just as she was getting into her trusty combat pants she got a text msg. She thought it might be Jooja asking her to bring something up so she checked the msg.

"Dont come back up here - I will come down to you in a minute"


She didnt know how to react. Why would he want to come down to her room?? Wasnt that a little presumptuous of him that just because she allowed him to kiss her and hold her hand it doesnt mean that he was welcome in her room. She suddenly panicked and ran out the room and called the lift both up and down. She noticed one lift was coming down from higher floors so she quickly ran into the staircase. She went down a few floors then took the lift down to the lobby.

"Where are you?"

She ignored.

"Meems?? Hii!!"

She looked up and her jaw dropped.

Meems: "Khaleefa!! What are you doing here?"

Khaleefa: "I should be asking you the same thing - how come your in ur PJs?"

Meems: "Hahah oh yeah - Im . . . its a long story"

Khaleefa: "listen ive been meaning to call you for a while now but i lost all my numbers. I really have to rush now. Can I have your number again?"

Meems: "Yeah sure - i need to go as well. I will send you a text"

Khaleefa: "Cool c u"

And that was it. He just walked off. She suddenly realised that she was not as heart broken to see him as she thought she was. But she did notice that he had dark circles under his eyes and looked like he had lost a lot of weight.

She called the lift and sent him a text while waiting

Outgoing msg K<3
This is me

The lift arrived and as she was stepping in still looking at her phone, she felt a presence. She glanced up and saw Sami.

Sami: "Inty fainik??"

All kinds of lies occurred to her but none made sense. She cant say she was getting a key for the room cos she was already changed. She cant say her phone was in the room cos he just saw it in her hand.

Meems: "Eehhmmm - hnee. Just came down to the shop to get some cigerettes"

Sami: "6ayib fainhum"

Meems: "I couldnt get any - forgot to get cash and they wont charge it to the room"

Sami: "Ok wait I will go get them for you"

He quickly jogged away from the lift and into the little shop inside Rivoli and came back with 2 packs of Davidoff Menthols. He came back and put his arm around her shoulders as they waited again for the lift. She glanced sideways and saw Khaleefa standing outside.

Random thoughts rushed through her head. What was he still doing here, didnt he leave in a rush more than 5 minutes ago?? Oh my god, Sami has his arm on my shoulder. What would Khaleefa think? Why do I care?? Why does he have that look on his face?

Incoming msg K<3
Allah ywafgich


  1. FIRRSTT maybee... hopefully?

    laaaaaa22 i lovee khalifaa hes so miskeen :( uff why domost posts havemisunderstandings ilyoom:( akrah shay!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! sheno thatha!!!
    3athab wallah..

    plus what is meemz thinking now?
    and Sami, ya3ni 5ala9 one kiss and that is it????

    please more and LOONNGGERR!! this is just too short!

    i donno i like who now.

  3. wowooww, now this is a big diveration to the story 3anooda.

    Its been long since last i visited your place, but glad to read the update on the stories.