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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I know I know

I have been completely useless when it comes to updating - but I am somehow not motivated at all - I have rediscovered the social scene and therefore not spending much time at home and online - but I promise I will post a new part very soon - and I give u guys permission to nag me so that it actually gets done faster
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  1. i was happy to see a post here only to be disappointed that its not THE STORY!!

    YALA 3AAAD POST.. or i will write the story for you lool

  2. im nagging for the ppl who did not nag.. because this is such a nice story.. im already here and its been what 3 h reading your blogg..
    so i know i have more things to read form your story but if i were in there place at that time i would nag.. so im naging