How many are looking for a new beginning?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Seventeen


"Ah my partner-in-crime, hahaha, hes just gone to the men's room, there he is"

Meems and Jooja both looked over their shoulders involuntarily to where Marwan was pointing. Meems whipped her head back around.



Meems: "Sami??? Your the partner??"

There was an awkward silence that lasted a few minutes before Meems excused herself to go to the ladies room. Jooja followed her trying to calm her down.

Meems: "Jooja I cant beleive you did this. You know my Sami story"

Jooja: "M - you guys are meant for each other. Give it a chance. Hes been asking for this to happen for soo long - ever since he knew that Marwan and I are friends"

The girls went back to the dinner table and the outing went smoothly after that. Sami was enough of a gentleman to avoid specific topics and he tried his best to make Meems comfortable. They finished up dinner and decided to all go for coffee in a different setting. Jooja suggested their hotel lobby despite Meems's multiple kicks under the table.

They were all standing downstairs waiting for the cars to come back from the valet when a heavily tinted white Bentley drives up. Meems could not help but stare and sigh. This was her dream car. So close yet so far. The door open and the valet parking attendant comes out. Sami holds the door open and says "ladies enjoy it. were all going to the same place anyways. So its urs for the next ten minutes that it takes from here to the Dusit."

Jooja gave out a little shreik and quickly jumped into the passenger seat. Meems was too embarrassed but Sami insisted. She got into the drivers seat trying really hard to hide her excitement. She checked in the rear view mirror and saw the boys getting into her car. They overtook them and drove off.

Meems: "Shall we be fashionably late??"

Jooja giggled knowing exactly what she meant. It took Meems a few minutes to figure out how to take the sexy red soft top down. The left DIFC and headed towards Jumeirah. They cruised through Jumeirah Beach Road getting a little too much attention so they took a left at Madinat Jumeirah and came back through Sheikh Zayed Road. It was almost 45 minutes before they drove up at the hotel and they saw Sami waiting for them at the door. He quickly rushed over and opened the car door for Meems.

"Its not enough that your driving a convertable, your also gorgeous. Do you know how many calls I got telling me about the hot chick driving my car??!!!"

Meems: "Oh my god Im so sorry. You know what Im like when it comes to cars. I didnt realise so many people know you here."

Sami: "Babe its ok - you do realise that Im just gonna get more popular and that NEVER hurts."

It was natural. He slipped his hand into hers and walked her into the lobby and towards the lifts.

Meems: "Hey where is Jooja?"

Sami: "Im flattered. Did I really distract you enough for you to loose ur friend or was it the car?? hahahah anyways, she went up to the office. Marwan and I didnt wanna wait for close to an hour in the lobby"

Meems: "Office??"

Sami: "Yeah well - Marwan and I sort of live here. So we have a 2 bedroom suite that we also work out of. We call it the office cos that sounds better than home"

Meems: "Aaahh"

They got into the lift and he pressed "46" and as the doors closed he closed in on her.

Meems: "Sami - dont"

"I cant help it - do you know how long Ive waited for this??" he said as he looked at her lips and closed the 2 inch space that remained. The kiss was like nothing she had ever experienced before. He put just the right amount of force to make her part her lips but he did not use his tongue at all. His restraint was driving her crazy and just as she was about to explore him with her tongue, he pulled away.

"Were here" he said with a smile. A moment later the lift PINGed and he led her out. He held her hand tightly and caressed the back of her hand with his thumb as he walked towards the room door. He knocked lightly and they heard shuffling and Marwan opening the door. He then shuffled back to his desk and continued working on his laptop. Jooja was standing by the window yabbering away in french on the phone. The usual Jooja. Sami excused himself to get into something more comfortable and Meems realised that Marwan was in shorts and Jooja was in in tracks.

Meems: "What the hell am I doing still wearing a dress and heels?? This is soo not me"

Everyone cracked up laughing including Jooja who was supposedly on the phone. So she just stuck her hand out with the room key. Meems took the key from her and told everyone she will be back in a few minutes and headed to the 30th floor where their room was.

Just as she was getting into her trusty combat pants she got a text msg. She thought it might be Jooja asking her to bring something up so she checked the msg.

"Dont come back up here - I will come down to you in a minute"



    its good you are getting your groove back =D

  2. i dont like sami at all, I want 5leefa back,
    u have 3 more days to go

  3. 9ij kalam jooja they are so meant to bee !!! moree pleeeaassee ;**