How many are looking for a new beginning?

Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Sixteen

So many different thoughts were running through her mind. She couldn't organise her thoughts. She couldn't decide what to do. She was just standing there frozen while she can feel something pulling on her. She was internally willing herself to move so that he wont see her but she guessed that subconsciously, she wanted him to see her.

"Meeeemz mooooove, lets go"

She snapped out of it and clicked away in her high heels towards the valet parking guy. She stood outside puffing away on her cigarette nervously. Jooja continued with her jabbering about this and that and ignored her nervousness thinking it was just due to the fact that it was a blind date. Jooja tried to get her to relax but it wasn't working. She didn't wanna push it cos she didn't want her to reach the point where she will just turn around and go back to the room.

"Jooja the car is here, let go, QUICKLY" yelled Meems as she ran around and impatiently waited for the valet parking dude to get out of the driver's seat. She quickly jumped into the car and switched on the music system. "Let's Dance" by Lady GaGa blared out and Jooja always being one to quickly get into the mood started dancing away. Then she turned down the volume and said "looooook at that Bentley - ooohhhh - Omani licence plate also"

Meems nervously peeked through the rear view mirror, "hhhmmm anyways listen so who are these guys we are meeting??"

"Marwan was an ex-colleague, he left the company a long time ago and he settled here in Dubai. He started a business with someone and his partner is the one who is coming - oh here I just got an SMS - change of plans, no more Emirates Towers, we are going to Zuma - where is that??"

"Ok cool - Zuma is in DIFC, right opposite Emirates Towers anyways, very close to us. But I just need to pick up my shoes from Gucci in the towers so you stay in the car and I will run in quickly and get it"

Twenty minutes later, the girls were in the lift going up to the restaurant. They were greeted by the host and started walking towards the reserved table. One guy was seated there and when he saw the girls approaching he got up and greeted them warmly. He hugged Jooja and lingered for a little bit which put a smile on Meems's face. He pulled their chairs for them and hey all sat down.

"Sorry for the sudden change of plans but we had to avoid Emirates Towers since our competitors are having an event there," said Marwan.

"Its fine don't worry about it - Meems loves Zuma. So where is your friend" said Jooja pointing at the empty seat next to Marwan and opposite Meems

"Ah my partner-in-crime, hahaha, hes just gone to the men's room, there he is"

Meems and Jooja both looked over their shoulders involuntarily to where Marwan was pointing. Meems whipped her head back around.



  1. WHO WHO WHO!!!

    agool.. if made a deal that i will pay you per post, how faster can you be in your writting?

  2. i was wondering if you could port 2 parts at one time... that would be great :p