How many are looking for a new beginning?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings

I've decided to start my own love story blog thing. So just doing a general survey. Got a poll started so let me know people.

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  1. Zaina - welcome to my blog, it appears pple dont want another love story :( but i think i will go ahead with it anyways

    أحمد الحيدر - oohh another new visitor / commentor on my blog. thanks and keep watching for episode 1

  2. Walla ana wedi ashoof qesat 7obb from 3man how does it work out?

    it will be different especially for all of us in Q8 who have no idea whan oman culture is like :D

    Yalla go for it. Very much details on the way lovers meet and interact in Oman...

    3ndkom 3ad 3oqad o sowalif man3 ikhtela6 o ryal ma yshoof ilaa 3bat il mara wella 3adi?

  3. danderma - thats exactly what i had in mind. check out the prologue