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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Five

Ok I think I have been too nice to you people - posting 5 parts in one week. So Part 6 is ready but will not be posted until I reach a count of 25 comments on this post. So get cracking people whoever wants the next part. Criticism is welcome


He suddenly backed off with a shocked look on his face "Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you but I saw you were bothered with everyone bumping into you so I thought I would create a shield."

She never thought it was possible for her to blush but she was sure she was turning all colors of the rainbow. She was kicking herself internally for being super confident to think that he was leaning in to kiss her. This guy she met a few minutes ago and in front of T and everyone. How could she even think that he would be that brave or gutsy to make such a move in front of everyone in the middle of a club? All these thoughts were going through her head while she held her hand to her mouth and just watched him laugh.

"Maybe you wanted it?? I would be happy to oblige."

"Shit shit shit" she whispered into her hand - she realized if she was just a little bit more serious and offended then he wouldn't be taking it so lightly. She kicked herself internally some more. T came to the rescue and ushered everyone out so that we beat the mad rush of 3 am. The group was walking in twos and threes and eventually all gathered near the aquarium. She always found it so mesmerizing and was peeking up at the top of the tank.

"Looking for Sami the Shark??" he said

She jolted for a second before smiling. "Im always looking for Sami - hes gorgeous" She had a passion for sharks.

"Thank you I will take that as the greatest of compliments"


Suddenly he burst out laughing at her confused expression. He stuck his hand out and said, "Shall we start from scratch?? Hi, my name is Sami. Im from Saudi"

"Meems. Oman" she just with a blush. She was blushing too much today for her liking.


"Meeeeemmmeeeeeee goomi - yallah lets go to za sweeming pooool"

"Jooja leave me alone - I just wanna have my coffee in peace in front of the TV"

"TV aish ya binti - you have enough TV in 3oooman. La tinsi mistar s3oodi byistanaky 3ala il sweeming pooool."

It just all came back to her. For some reason every time she spoke in front of him, she would put a foot in it. The last thing she remembered was saying that she is always looking for gorgeous Sami. How could she have a conversation with someone for an hour without bothering to check whether she knew his name or not? She dug her face into the pillow to drown out Jooja's giggles. She finally got up to get ready knowing that no guy who's been clubbing the night before will be up before 2 pm which meant they had a good few hours of girly quality time.

An hour later the girls were ba6ba6ing in the "sweeming pooool" with other friends. She liked when she heard her phone ring. She got out to answer it when she realized that the caller was insisting on letting it ring. Additionally she wasn't appreciating the dirty looks that she was getting from the holidaying Europeans that were looking for peace and quiet. She flicks her hands out to get rid of the excess water as she walks over to the sun lounger. She noticed it was a Omani number she doesn't know so she picked up.


"Hey Meems, you guys at the pool yet?" it was a voice she didn't recognize but it sounded like a guy whose been coughing for a while.

"Who is this?" she asked in which she got a little laughter and finally the answer she never expected. "How did you get my number??"

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  1. Yallllllllllllllllah! Sami the shark hahahaha

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