How many are looking for a new beginning?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Four

"Jooja please non of ur french bullshit - what are u trying to tell me?"

"Ya binti i am t'3ying to tell uuu zat ze boy talking to T has . . . what zey call it . . . ze hotties fo'3 uu?? zay a'3 looking at us"

"Joooooooooj r u serious?? u mean ili jay ma3a shilat Nobu?? The European looking one??"

"Oui oui ya 7umara tifhameesh?? " suddenly Jooja had a changed look on her face and said "honestly i '3eally liked ze '3oom - absolument magnifique"

"huh??" Just then Meems felt a presence right behind her and it dawned on her. The guy they were just talking about was close enough to have heard their conversation. But then again they are in a club and you cant really eavesdrop on people because of the volume of the music. She smelled him before she felt the tap on her shoulder. She knew she was in trouble. Dunhill Desire always got her in trouble. For some reason she could never resist a guy wearing it but for some reason her ex hated it. Now it just made it even more sexier to her that its beyond the league of cheaters. To her, Dunhill Desire meant a man. A REAL man.


He laughed in her ear. She couldnt get it. She had to snap out of it. She hated how this perfume made her act. Her thoughts just went wild. She tuned out. He followed her eyes and realised that she was looking at Jooja and Faisal with a smile on her face.

"They look very comfortable and happy together - dont you think?"

"Hhmm" Her thoughts were fuzzy. The mix of the alcohol, his perfume and the gorgeous couple that consisted of her best friend and this stranger were making her giddy and a little dizzy and she didnt realise that she actually lost her footing until she felt his hands on her waist.

"Oh my god im so sorry - i dont know what happened!!"

"Dont worry its my pleasure, as I said earlier when you werent paying attention to me, I just came to introduce myself since everyone was too rude to introduce us, bas ma twaqa3tik ta5theeny bila7than" he winked.

She didnt know what to say, shes hardly ever speechless but for some reason she was too taken aback by him. That was very straight forward and even more shocking since he had grey eyes and light brown hair. "Inta 5aleeji??"

"Aish bitshoofeeni ya3ni - marra amreeki shakli??"

"Akeed feek shway min hnee wila hnak" she insisted. She could not beleive he was a pure 5aleeji. She was so used to the dark haired dark eyed boys but as he was talking she caught the word "da7eena" and it clicked. He turned out to be Saudi. Shes not very familiar with Saudies as she hasnt really met many throughout her life but she knew enough to know that there were some big families from European descendants. While chatting he revealed that he was also staying at the Atlantis and that he was in Dubai just for the weekend.

Suddenly the main hall of the club started getting crowded as the outdoors section and the other room were getting closed for the night. So everybody was crowding into the main hall. She was standing against the pillar but was getting knocked about a little. She was busy frowning when she suddenly realised he was leaning in really close and had his arms above her shoulders and against the wall behind her.

"What do you think your doing?"


  1. lol,lol,lol....

    now, now are getting somewhere with this story. I can sense something exciting happening.

    the funny bit is that i imagine the whole thing as if its happening infront of me. :p

    i can wait to read part 5.


  2. r u nuts, u dont go stopping here,
    yalah kamly ibser3ah

  3. sugar - LOOOL shfeeha clubbing ya3ni??

    Solafa - that means that im doing a good job. great.

    Um Mit3ib - u like?

    Karamilah - LOOOL i have to keep shwaya suspense at least for a couple of days

    Limited - glad ur enjoying it

  4. light brown hair and grey eyes and saudi..woow nice comboination ;)

  5. lool.. i find the guy a little too creepy.. 7asha 3ad ma straight fwd..

    yala fast we want part 5..

  6. desertpalms - yeah laaa - its my story i can make the guy as magical as i want. but do you think hes a good guy??

    Stand-Alone~ - LOOOOOL its called a tamweeh - did u read part 5??