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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Beginning - Prologue

Guys below is a sampler of my story - to help you decide on what to vote on the poll on the left. The story is completely fictional but some events are based on my own life and experiences.


She goes back to her room after sitting in the TV room wrapped in her towel waiting to air dry after the looooong shower. Purely guided by habit, she looks for the blinking red light on her bed and sure enough she finds it. She picks up the BB Bold and see that it has been quite active in her absense. 37 missed calls. 4 emails. 5 BBMs and 2 SMS msgs.

"Thank you for ur 30 plus calls and ur text but it will do u no good. We are completely over. I have been the best gf a girl can ever be and u treated me like shit but I still understood ur situation. I always told u that if u ever needed to get me out of ur life but were too chickenshit to do it then cheat on me and u will never hear from me again. So I'm just doing what I promised. U cheated on me therefore Goodbye"

"Message sent"

Half an hour later she switches on her phone, now loaded with her Etisalat simcard, and rushes down the stairs.

"Yallah baba ana bat7arak al7een"
"Babati lazim ya3ni tsawy fini chithi?"
"Baaabbbaaaa hathi moo awal mara wala a5er mara asoog laih Dbai"
" La2 hathi a5er mara sama3ty? Yala bsir3a 3ashan twi9ly gabil ma it'9alim - 5ali balish fil 6areeg haa la timshi bsir3a"
" Inshallah baba - bye tara msha'3la ragim Dbai already - bbaaaayyyy"

As she passes City Centre Seeb, she lights her cigerette and cruises down the main road, her vision very blurred through the floods of tears flowing down her face.
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  1. ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..January 13, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    omg hun im so sorry to hear that :( *hugs* ..
    hope u'll feel better in no time :*

    p.s: at least just listen to what he has to say, no?

  2. allaaah I like it;p continueee;p with a longer post pleaseee;p

  3. Sounds good. I like that it has a local Omani flavor to it.

    Sounds slightly autobiographical ? or purely fiction? keep writing.

  4. LOL at u 3anooda.

    drama fe drama.

    cool start, but where is the real love events?

    hmm, can i suggest that your love story blog has more than you as a member to contribute to it, just for a mix side of stories?

  5. ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. - LOOOL girl its a fictional story. the prologue is just to give everyone a taste of what might be coming. if i get enough votes i will go ahead with it in 5 days inshallah

    A Journal Entry - thats why its called a prologue 7abibti - its never enough

    Zaina - inshallah when the poll closes. come back in 5 days

    libero anima - thanks babes, from the votes so far it looks like i will be

    Stand-Alone~ - thanks babes - come back in 5 days for more inshallah

    DA - did u vote??

    Kinks - it will have a lot more omani flavour to it. i wanna show everyone what our side lives like. its semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical.

    Solafa - u will see what happens if i get enough votes. poll closes in 5 days. reason for prologues is to give a slight indication of what might be coming. i cant be giving away all the characters in it.

  6. ok dear, i will wait till then :)

  7. I say go for it ;)

    I can never say no to another love story, so bring 'em on!

  8. ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..January 16, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    omg loooool hahahahaaaaa .. ashwa 3ad we don't need more drama into ppl's life :/

    and yeah girl go ahead we want u to write plz :D

  9. Lost b2amreeka. - awalan welcome to my blog. shakli im doing it

    Ruby Woo - inshallah 3amti

    ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. - trust me a Omani love story kilha drama

  10. hehe continue it.. ;p
    3anooda i added you on my visible list, you can come and read now =)

  11. Degoat - LOOOL dont u have a mind of ur own?? anyways its a prologue which means a small taste of the real thing

    nyxxie - cool babe thanks

  12. i likeee it!! put my vote in ;p cant wait for the 1st part =D

  13. desertpalms - yalla the pole closes in 7 hours. so inshallah by tomorrow the 1st part will be out

    Degoat - ur blog is alive???