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Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Two

Disclaimer: For those sensitive to bad language - please be warned that the characters are quite filthy mouthed

P.S. Wain il 20-something pple ili voted that I write? Ma7ad m3abir my first part gilt I post the 2nd

She knew the voice. She was sure. But she couldn't quite place it. But even with the words that she was hearing, there was no way that she didn't know who it was. She was in extreme denial and all she could say was NO. She kept repeating that tiny word over and over again yet she felt like she was saying stories. So much energy went into saying those two measly letters because with every NO she had so much more behind it.

The caller knew that she had figured out who they were. Yet they couldn't say much. They guessed from the surrounding noise that she was in a public place and didn't want her to reach that limit that they knew so well. She had no problems getting hysterical in public and making a scene. Her favorite act was throwing the phone at the nearest wall in anger and that would not be a good thing right now. They had to talk. They had so much between them that had to be said.

"Wishu ba'3een al7een - mistakawda ana ba'3ia arta7 - 5alooni fi 7ali" she yelled into the phone that she was holding in front of her face as opposed to by her ear. She threw the phone into her handbag and got up and walked out when she noticed pple staring. She was a regular at Cafe Armani so the waiter just let her go knowing she will come back to settle her bill even if it was months later. She walked through past her favorite part of the mall yet wasn't even paying attention heading for Carrefour. Whenever she had so much to think about she liked to go to places that were very crowded because she wanted the noise to drown out the screaming in her head.

She felt her phone vibrate and heard it ring throughout the hour that she spent walking. Her feet starting to hurt as she felt the blister growing. She didn't know what she wanted to do now. She hated the caller for ruining her mood.

"Hey T - where are u? I really need to talk. The asshole just called me. How the fuck did they get my number?!?! Can you meet me? Alright I will pick u up in 15"

45 minutes later they were sitting in Koubba al the Qa9r Hotel in Jumeirah Beach. This was her favourite getaway and the thing she liked most about it was that its quiet and secluded and still not well discovered. T gave her a big hug. He was her best friend in the world and was ur shoulder to cry on. She met him through her ex and he had stood by her throughout their rough period and supported her without taking any sides.

"So please specify which asshole are u talking about cos there are so many around these days"

She updated him about the story. The asshole was a friend of hers since childhood. Their parents are old friends and when they were younger they hated each other when they were younger cos the parents tried to force them to be friends. Then they became the best of friends a couple of years after the parents stopped trying. She realised that she had never told T about Lily.

"So basically Lily sent me a msg after she called telling me that even though I ruined her life she still forgives me and wants things to go back to the way they used to be. What the fuck? I ruined her life how? After everything that she did to me over the years!!!!! I should be the one forgiving her not the other way round"

"Meems calm down. U know u never hold a grudge so stop with all this forgiving crap, just think about whether u want her back in ur life now or not?"

"I don't. I can't handle stupid girl drama. U know what I'm like. I just wanna live my life without being judged and without judging pple. Ili ana asaweeh bainy oo bain rabbi. Shay5i9 ilnas fini. Mabi wa7da tig3id gidam ilnas tsaweeli ana shareefat makka oo madri waish. Magdar 3ala hathi ilsa5afat T."

"Inzain 3ayal la t36eenha wayh. Gooleelha al7een inich not interested in anything she had to say oo 5alha tfukich"

"T u don't understand wishkithir mashkalatni wiya my parents."

"Maleh da3i ityeebi ilma'6i al7een. Bas dizzi ilmsg 3ashan tay7i balich"

Meems starts typing. She begins a sentence then deletes it then starts again and so on. Finally she asks "agool "not interested - bye" oo bas wila do I need to explain?"

T justs nods his approval as he was on the phone. Meems sends the msg and waits for him to get off the phone. "Btw a friend of mine is coming here now with his gf - is that ok?"

"Yeah man I need to distract myself - shall we order another round?"

She orders another Martini despite T's raised eyebrow.

"A bad day T please just leave me alone - don't need the lecture right now"

"Did she reply?"

"No what will she say?"

Ten minutes pass in silence and soon the waiter comes over with their drinks. T gets up which is strange since there is no need to get up for a waiter. She gets distracted with the olives in her drink until she hears a familiar voice and almost chokes on her drink while managing to spit the olive out in the other direction.

She sits there in shock as the waiter leaves after taking more orders and the owner of the voice appears from behind the waiter.

"What the fuck are u doing here?" she screams
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