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Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Beginning - Round Three

Ok thats more like it - shwayat 7amas to motivate me. Ive been planning on having on part per week but im getting into this. Oh yeah and I lost a follower today. LOOOOL.

Update: I realised that I might be not getting as many comments as before cos I wasnt allowing anonymous comments. Anyways all you anonys out there, you may comment now.




Thats all she could hear around her. She was completely clueless to the surrounding people staring.She was still holding her martini glass that was now tilted to the side and dripping on her jeans. Her jaw was literally scraping the floor while she was still in the same position. The moroccan style outdoor seating was so comfortable that she always sat cross legged on the couch. She couldnt get her thoughts together in order to decide what to reaction to have. Until she felt T take the glass and the cigerette from her hand saying "So how do you like this surprise??". Suddenly she got her senses back and jumped up and hugged the voice.

"Meems how a'3 uuuu ya sharmootah"

All that would come out of her mouth was her excited AAAAAHHHH. Her friends were all used to it. She was crazy and often informed people that she didnt care how people around her reacted to her actions as long as she wasnt offending anyone. Especially in Dubai. She had enough restictions in Muscat that when shes out of it, she wanted to leave everything behind.

"Jooja I cant beleive you would come here without telling me!!!!! You are such a bitch - dont even think that u are staying anywhere other than my place"

"I know my dea'3 - i 'ave my luggayj wiz me in ze ca'3 - ya binti inti 3arfa ana ma bagdar a3eed fee Doobay bidoonik"

Meems and Jooja met in the states over 6 years ago by coincidence. She was the daughter of the Moroccan Ambassador to the States and Meems was touring the embassies of DC on an official visit. They got stuck in a lift in between floors during a power outage and had a very interesting 3 hour conversation until they were rescued. They maintained contact and became very good friends when destiny helped them meet over a dozen time over the past 5 years since they both left DC. Out of these meets, only two meets were planned where one occured in Meems's home town of Muscat and one in Jooja's hometown of Rabat. Otherwise all other meets were unplanned occurred all over the world including Dubai, Tunis, Jordan, Athens, London, Geneva and countless other cities. Jooja lovingly nicknamed Meems "Oil Ba'3oness" in return for her "Bitch a la Ma'3ocaan".

Meanwhile the boys carried on their niceties and got into planning the evening while the girls caught up on their news.

Suddenly Meems interrupted them, "Im so sorry how rude of me - Im Meems" she said as she extended her hand to T's friend.

"La 3adi 5ithi ra7tich, ana Faisal" he replied shaking her hand while simultaneously lighting the cigerette she had dangling from her lips. "Wayid sima3t 3anich min Joojty - Im glad u guys will have time to catch up cos she has been missing u a lot lately"

"Joojtik??" looking at Jooja "shakleh ur bf is trying to impress the friends - did u tell him what im like"

Jooja laughs shyly and pinches Meems on the thigh "Malish ma9la7a agoolu shay - inti kifaya - Guys can we please go dancing?"

"Smooth change of topic Jooja but dont forget ur staying with me tonight so i will get it out of u - lakin 3adi so far ba36eeh one point - anyways ana 7ajza 6awla fi Sanctuary il layla - twaqa3t shay chee min T bas this is even better than I expected. I also booked a room at the hotel cos as u see Im still in my travel clothes and my bag is in my car"

"Oui moi aussi, mes bagages sont dans la voiture de Faisal" Jooja has a habit of breaking into French whenever she gets really excited.

"Yeah yeah yeah we all speak French" T says sarcastically, "move yo asses peepols"

The foursome head out and automatically get into T's H2. It was common knowledge that when in Dubai, only T drives. He keeps saying that having a tank has to come up to something. On the way everyone was on the phone calling different friends to check what everyone's plans were for the night. Friday nights are the most happening nights in Dubai and Sanctuary at the Atlantis is currently the hippest club in town. By the time they arrived, the group has gone up to about 12 people since quite a few of their friends were already dining at Nobu.

Meems and Jooja check in while the boys hit the bar for a few more drinks. "Girls la tit2a5aroon please" they both call out simultaneously. A record breaking 40 minutes later the girls meet the rest of the group at the entrance of the club and spend a few minutes saying the hellos and how are yous. There were a few people that Meems did not know but she always appreciated new company especially in Dubai. Between the 12 of them, there were at least 8 different nationalities.

A few hours of heavy drinking and dancing, Jooja pulls Meems aside with a shine in her eye and a cheeky smile and says "le mec parle à T est folle de vous"


  1. ok French is something i didnt expect, but its cool.
    I can practice my French now. :p well at least i am thinking i will be doing with these few drops of French inputs. :D

    nice part :D

  2. i like ur story. Hahah i know wat that means wanasa!! inshala ihya ba3ad !;p

  3. now this is one of the few times that i wished i spoke french.. lool..

    So far it is getting intersting..
    i really cant wait to see how this story unfolds..

  4. ok until now seems impressive, i need to read more to give you a good feedback, how does it sound if u get to post several updates for a week everyday

  5. hmm this is interesting the way its going so far .. yalla enty ba3ad part 4 =P

  6. sugar - wait for part 4

    Solafa - LOOOOL im just showing off with languages - i know very limited french

    Anonymous - LOOOL thanks for not saying it and spoiling the surprise

    desertpalms - 3adi 7abibti - knowing me i changed it bas 3ashan i didnt want it to be predictable

    Stand-Alone~ - part 4 coming up in a bit inshallah

    Music, Happiness, Love - u think??

    Karamilah - yallah miss drama queen - binchoof if u will like it after part 4

    Um Mit3ib - al7een bit3arfeen wiya iljiz2 il rabi3

    Limited - wain part 4 malich intay awal?? LOOOOL welcome to my blog

  7. its on its way .. might have taken a little detour here and there ;P

  8. Limited - hurry up i need to steal some ideas. LOOOL.

  9. i just read ur whole blog 2day i love it...that means you have to write fast since i want to know more plz

  10. you lost one but you gained another:*
    you're story is amazing!! can't wait to read the next parts:)

  11. the French part if i'm mistaken means..
    yeah me too.. my luggage are in Faisal's car.. right?