How many are looking for a new beginning?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning - Round One

"Hiiiii babaaa - ana wa9alt al7een ilmall - ray7a allagi a9diqa2i - la baa ba3adni ma ri7t ilbait - inshaaaalah baaa - twa9i shay? Salim 3alaihum filbait"

She drives up to valet at the Kempinsky. Same conceirge dude shouts out the usual "welcome back girl - new car?!?!". She's there so often that her car is known so she smiles. Its nice to know that pple notice. Even if its just the doorman. Especially that she doesn't even live in Dubai even though it would be her dream. She walks in busy looking at her phone.

"Inzain 3a6oneh wayh yal 3mani"
"Ra'9i 3ashan hal3yoon"

She never stopped. This kind of banter with strangers has become the norm and in fact would be quite strange if it didn't happen. It gives a nice boost for the confidence. Completely harmless. She is the kind of person that would never befriend someone without an introduction. It was just one of those funny things about her. Especially with guys. They have to be introduced and preferably by a very trusted source. Otherwise they would never stand a chance. Not that she had guys falling all over themselves wanting to meet her. But she knew that even though she was not conventionally attractive, there was something alluring and mysterious about her. She has been told that enough times by family and friends.

Today was going to be her alone day. The white lie about meeting friends was told to her dad for the sake of his worrying streak. Knowing she was not alone always made him more comfortable and less prone to the hourly phone calls. Some retail therapy is always the solution and after picking up the reserved Gucci Boston bag that she tracked down on the drive, she treats herself to Cafe Armani's Chocolate Fondue.

Incoming Call: 050 123 4567

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  1. love the start, but make posts longer? :( keep it up ;*

  2. loooool.

    now am waiting to know whi is behind the call.

    btw- didnt you say you are to start a new blog?

  3. oooh u have some talent girlll ;p i likeee itt =D

    gona read numero 2 now !

  4. Lost b2amreeka - inshallah the new parts will be much longer

    sugar - kamalna

    Solafa - i love it when i keep people on their toes. Oh yeah and i meant a new blog story - not an individual blog

    Ruby Woo - is that a good ok or a bad ok?

    desertpalms - thanks babes. glad u like it. Numero trio also coming up soon